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By  •  July 7, 2017


What we do.

Kurt “CyberGuy” Knutsson is an award-winning journalist, investor and innovator who has a deep …
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Tools to Get Back Your Online Privacy

By  •  April 2, 2017

Online privacy protections are out the door with congress repealing rules that would make it tougher for Internet service providers to sell your personal data. Tools can help restore some of your privacy and remove your every move for the world to see and sell.
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How To Protect Your Privacy When Checking Into A Hotel

How to Protect Your Privacy When Checking into a Hotel

By  •  March 5, 2016

These very certain things you can do on your next hotel stay can substantially bolster your own personal security and safety.
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Is Trust in Technology fading

Trust in Data Security Fading Fast: Privacy vs. Convenience

By  •  May 8, 2015

The challenges finding a balance between the declining privacy due to technology and the conveniences technology offer.
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Tips for Protecting Your Children’s Privacy Information Online

By  •  December 8, 2014

Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson gives parents an action plan for steps they can take protecting children’s privacy online.
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Privacy concerns over new Facebook Messenger App (Fox & Friends)

Privacy Concerns over New Facebook Messenger App

By  •  August 12, 2014

Facebook Messenger App wants access users’ calendar, contacts and more. Should you be concerned?
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Your Privacy: They Know What You Do (Stossel show)

Your Privacy: They Know What You Do (Stossel show)

By  •  March 24, 2014

Is your privacy being compromised by all your technology?
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Google Maps Privacy: The secret to hiding your home on Google Maps (Fox & Friends)

Google Maps Privacy: The secret to hiding your home

By  •  October 5, 2013

Watch the latest video at

Google Maps Privacy: The secret to hiding your home on Google Maps (Fox & Friends).  Prevent users from finding your home on Google Maps. …
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Best New Travel Gear Winners: G Ro

Best New Travel Gear Winners

By  •  May 13, 2017

I’m one of the first people my friends reach out to for any travel advice. I’ve figured out so many travel secrets from traveling over 300,000 miles annually that they feel I’ve earned my stripes. Now, here are my favorite new travel gear inspirations for 2017.
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how to remove yourself from the internet

How to Remove Yourself from the Internet

By  •  January 14, 2017

Stop this genealogy website from sharing your information and remove yourself from the internet.
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