4 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe This Summer

My favorite mom puts her stamp of approval on the latest ways to keep track of your kids.  Heather has her hands full with two active boys and knows what works for her family when it comes to reigning in active kids and putting her mind at ease in today’s world.  She was an early adopter with one of the following technologies to keep your kids safe and is still a big fan of it.

Check out my 4 ways to keep you child safe this summer below:



Filip 2 Smartwatch for kids ($100)

  • Parents put in up to 5 phone numbers that can make and receive voice calls to the Filip Smartwatch
  • Parents can set safezones also known as geofences. When child leaves safe area, it alerts mom or dad
    smart locator uses GPS and wifi to track kids
  • Emergency button: Press red panic button on side for 4 seconds to activate
  • Mommy Heather likes that it lets her feel more comfortable to allow her older boy to explore the neighborhood
  • This same smart mom also said this after using the original Filip & newer Filip 2, “It has phone and GPS capability without any web browsing Internet. Also no camera which I really like. I’m also a fan of open DNS which is able to block all inappropriate content, from entering our browser in our house. And of course the Apple family sharing [capabilities] have been great. I can approve all purchases and see all incoming and outgoing emails.”
  • Pros: Filip smartwatch dominates the market and company offers great support
  • Cons: watches can be removed by child or someone without good intentions
  • Get it here



SmartFeed app

  • SmartFeed app is a kickstarter idea well on its way to launch and success
  • It was made to give parents ultimate control over what their little ones see on digital devices
  • filters out bad content
  • parents customize what their kids can and cannot see which can be changed by mom or dad anytime
  • SmartFeed has a unique feature that pushes approved kid-friendly games and content to their tablet.
  • Coming soon



361° GPS Smart Kids Shoes  ($80, in U.S soon)

  • China’s second largest sports apparel brand equivalent to Nike in USA is behind this smart move with Baembedded GPA tracking chip on shoes can be tracked on parent’s smartphone
  • Coming soon




Amby Tracking Watch for kids: ($99-129)

  • Parents can track kids, send texts to their watch, monitor kids physical activity
  • Get it here


Additionally, know what your kids look at online and find the right parental settings:

  • Instructions for setting parental controls for Apple products here
  • Instructions for setting parental controls for Windows here