How to quickly track flights within iMessage

This has got to be the easiest breakthrough in flight tracking yet.

If you want someone to keep track of your flight, simply send them the airline name and flight number.  Now there’s no excuse for someone not to be on time to pick you up at the airport!

How to track flights on an iPhone or iPad

1) Open the message app

2) Start a message with your contact and simply enter the airline and flight number.

For example, if I wanted to share my American Airlines flight, I would simply enter either “American Airlines 341, or AA341 or AA 341.  All options will work.

After you click enter, the text will turn into a link and my contact would tap on the link to reveal “Preview Flight” or “Copy Flight Code.”

Go ahead and click “Preview Flight”

Now you will see all the flight info including departure and arrival time, flight duration and baggage claim.

How to track flights on an Android

If you want to track your flight on an Android, consider my top picks:

Likely the world’s most popular flight tracker allows for live tracking of flights. You can even point your device in the direction of a plane and learn where it’s going.

Free live flight tracker gives you much more than just status of a flight. You can dig down and see notes on commercial flights showing the reason for delays in the US and Canada.

They call it plot-grade flight tracking for everyone. Flighty helps you predict delays and get instant updates.


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