How to pin favorite text message conversations

If you’re like me, you have a million text conversations going at once, but it’s important to keep some of those threaded conversations always at the top.  Here’s a way you can pin those conversations so you never have to hunt for them.


How to pin favorite text message conversations in iOS

Beginning with iOS 14, here’s a quick way to keep those people who you message most frequently up at the top of the Messages screen. As you’ll see in the screen below, I already have 6 of my contacts pinned to the top, but how did I do it?

  • Click on the Messages app
  • First, click on the 3 buttons in the top right corner

  • Click edit pins

  • Select the yellow icons at the end of the row of the people who you text regularly and their messages/icons will now be pinned at top.  That’s it!

How to pin favorite text message conversations on an Android

    • Click the Messages app
    • Touch and hold one of the messages to select.
    • You’ll note that the top tool bar now contains a pushpin icon.
    • Tap the pushpin icon and the conversation will now stay at the top of your message screen.

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