Surprisingly, this app is causing nearly 50% of macOS malware – Delete now

Surprisingly, this app is causing nearly 50% of macOS malware – Delete now

Don't think Macs can get malware? Think again.

by Jenna Roach and Kurt Knutsson

Studies performed by the team at Elastic Security Labs have shown that only 6.2% of malware apps find their way onto macOS devices, which is certainly more successful than the 54% that get into Windows devices. However, Macs are still vulnerable to malware, and it turns out that nearly 50% of all Mac computers get infected by the same app.

What is the app infecting macOS users?

The app that is causing all of these issues is mackeeper.  Ironically, mackeeper is ironically designed to keep Macs safe from malware by offering cleaning, security, privacy, and performance tools.  Yikes.  According to the Elastic Security Labs report, 48% of Macs end up being infected with malware from MacKeeper.


Although MacKeeper may have been designed with good intentions, the fact is that the app can be easily abused by hackers as a vehicle for malware because it has extensive permissions and access to various processes and files. It’s likely riskier to have MacKeeper on your device, so you should delete it ASAP if you have it downloaded on your Mac.

How to delete MacKeeper from macOS

  • Go to your Finder app
  • Select Applications
  • Search for MacKeeper
  • Make sure This Mac is selected and click the plus sign
  • Select Name to open the dropdown menu
  • Select Other
  • Scroll down to System Files and tick the checkbox
  • Click Name again and select System Files
  • Change ‘aren’t included’ to ‘are included’
  • Delete all files in the folder by right-clicking and selecting Move to Trash
  • Empty your trash by right-clicking the Trash icon on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and selecting Empty Trash

How can I avoid malware on my macOS in the future?

The best way to avoid any type of malware infecting your device is by installing antivirus software. Our top recommendation is TotalAV, and we are offering a Limited Time Deal: $19 your first year – 80% off. 

How to install TotalAV on your macOS device

  • Purchase product here: Special CyberGuy limited-time deal: $19 your first year (80% off)
  • Once purchased, log into your account on your device here and click green button: “add another device”.
  • The next screen will prompt you to download the file for your computer
  • Open the Downloaded File within your browser
  • Double Click the Package Icon to begin the installation
  • Click Continue
  • Enter your Computers Password
  • Click Install Software



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