What’s coming from Apple’s rumored product launch

Apple fans rejoice, a secretive Apple event is happening today! While no official details have been released, the rumor mill is churning and predictions are being made.

One thing we know for certain, the launch event’s astronomical name: “Far Out.” Will Apple be launching a product in space? Probably not, but read on to see what you can expect from the upcoming event that CyberGuy.com will be reporting from.


Apple’s “Far Out” Event

When is Apple’s “Far Out” event?

Apple announced an event will be taking place at the Apple Park HQ on September 7th, 2022 at 10am P.T. It was initially listed as an Apple Event, but the tech giant changed their website’s home screen banner on Tuesday the 6th to a galactic animation with stars and space and the words “Far out.”


Is Apple going to space?

No, Apple is not likely to be announcing a spaceship or product launch in space anytime soon. The “far out” theme may have more to do with the new iPhone’s camera upgrades, which haven’t changed much in recent editions of the smartphone. Tech reports have also suggested one of the new iPhones will have a major upgrade, moving to the A16 bionic chip.  One day you can expect Apple devices like the iPhone to connect ‘far out’ to space via a network of satellites.  Could this be the moment?



What is expected to be revealed?

iPhone 14

The biggest rumored launch coming from the “Far Out” event is the iPhone 14. We expect 4 new versions of the phone: iPhone 14 (6.1 inch), iPhone 14 Pro (6.1 inch), iPhone 14 Max (6.7 inch) and iPhone 14 Pro Max. We don’t expect to see an iPhone 14 mini like there was with the iPhone 13, possibly to create less competition with iPhone’s other smaller-size phones (like iPhone SE).

The iPhone 14 Pro models could potentially contain the new A16 chip, while the non-pro models likely won’t. We’re also hoping to see camera upgrades, with added abilities to zoom in further and use your phone in lower light (this also would feed into the “far out” speculation). Some rumors claim editions of the iPhone 14 may also have 8K video recording,


Apple Watch and first ever high-end adventurer Watch Pro

In addition to the iPhone 14 series, we’re expecting Apple to launch three new smartwatches: the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (Gen 2) and an athlete-geared, wearable “Pro” watch. This would be Apple Watch’s first Pro edition.

WatchOS 9 has been teased for a Fall 2022 release, and these new watches may be the launch of those exciting new features on your wrist.


AirPods Pro 2?

Other speculation shows there will be an upgraded Apple air bud announcement during the “Far Out” launch. The AirPod Pro (second generation) may be revealed during Wednesday’s launch and if they do, Apple fans hope they’ll be the first wireless headphone option from the company to offer Apple’s lossless audio. Other items on the Airpod Pro 2 wishlist are audio improvement, longer battery life, an updated charging case, and potential health monitoring.


What will the iPhone 14 cost?

While we can’t predict exact prices, we can guess that between inflation and worldwide supply chain issues, there may be a slight increase in the new Apple phones.  On the other hand, rumors in the past 2 days have been stirring that while some higher end iPhones may go up in price, others could drop to meet the consumer in a struggling global economy.

Current prices for the iPhone 13:

  • iPhone 13 Mini – From $699
  • iPhone 13 – From $799
  • iPhone 13 Pro – From $999
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max – From $1099

It’s possible the two iPhone Pro models may jump at least $100 in price for each respective version, but prices for the iPhone 14 and other launched products will be revealed during “Far Out.”


What we won’t see at Apple’s “Far Out” launch

Apple is not expected to launch new MacBooks or iPads at Wednesday’s event. Fans who are looking forward to upgraded Apple computers or tablets will have to hold off until at least October. Apple is also not expected to launch any VR/AR headsets, we likely won’t be seeing those until at least 2023 despite the board of directors being given a first look at the future augmented reality Apple product.  Oh, and Elon Musk can still rest easy.  There will be no Apple Car announcement planned as far as our plugged-in sources can report.


Find out Apple’s latest launches as they happen

You can view the “Far Out” launch online at apple.com or on the Apple TV app.

We’ll be updating CyberGuy.com to reveal all of the latest Apple tech and upgrades you can purchase – so check back on Wednesday to see the newest gadgets or sign up for our newsletter here to keep informed.

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