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Best 5 Apps for 2014

by Kurt Knutsson

It’s a new year and with that means a new set of New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s the year you’re going to get thinner, learn a foreign language or get more sleep – cyber expert Kurt Knutsson shares the hottest 5 apps *(and one gadget) to help you cross these resolutions and many more off your list.

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1. Photo wonder app
The Photo Wonder App can help you look better in the new year by fixing unflattering photos. It takes very little effort to give your image a complete makeover creating a younger, rested and ready – even a thinner you. Simply use the “thinify” yourself option and watch the fat just disappear in the photo. The app can also give you a glow of makeup if you got caught without any.

Best 5 Apps for 2014 (Today Show) - Thinify yourself!

2. Sleepcycle app
if you want to make 2014 about waking up refreshed and renewed, this is the $2.00 app for you. The Sleepcycle app is great because not only it is an alarm clock but it also measures your sleep cycle, as well as calibrates your sleep movement and patterns. But the best part is that it will wake you when you are at your lightest phase of sleeping so that you’ll feel well-rested and ready for the day.

3. Quizup Trivia Game app
If you thought Candy Crush and Angry Birds were big hits, this new trivia game is predicted to be the hit game of 2014. Breaking out from the Incremental Games genre, Quizup lets you challenge your friends and random strangers to a real time trivia game. It features 150,000-plus questions and 292 different topics ranging from your favorite TV shows to sports and music.

4. Duolingo Language Learning app
Duolingo has made learning a language fun and easy. As you progress from basic vocabulary to phrases the next level of skills are unlocked. You can learn from French, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and Italian. (They are planning on adding more languages later).

5. Couple Me app
Couple Me is an app that is about sharing your life with just one other person – intimately. This app will help renew your relationship in 2014. You can use it to share photos, videos, grocery list or even broadcast a beacon so your partner or spouse can know where you are. There is even a “wish list” feature that allows couples to add to a list of items that they feel could make their relationship better. This could be simple stuff like an activity they can do together or, if they’re long distance, it could be something like a glow in the dark vibrator to keep that spark alive. It’s great for those managing a long-distance relationship.
*Kurt also shared a gadget that everyone will be talking about soon enough:

Typo Keyboard
If you moved on from the Blackberry to an iPhone but miss using actual keys to type than this new gadget will be on your shopping list. The Typo Keyboard will turn your iPhone into a Blackberry. It’s available to purchase starting on Jan. 13 at $99.

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