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Best Apps for 2015

by Kurt Knutsson

From predicting the best time to buy airline tickets to organizing all your contacts, calendars and emails, I’ve put together the best apps for 2015 to keep an eye on at the new year to download and some to even save you money.

Watch my segment above and then check out my complete list below:

>Here’s the deal.  There are now thousands of new apps you’ve never heard of… and many you don’t want to know about.  But these following promising winners hit the exclusive list of best apps for 2015 that I pick after giving them some serious review.

GetFlyr app
Link: FareBeacon
The mobile version works now.. and quite well. The app releases Feb 2015.
GetFlyr’s Farebeacon feature is “the world’s first and only fare alert that warns travelers of price increases on individual flights before they occur.”

Unhack My Life 2015:

Lastpass app and 1Password app
Hacking broke records in 2014, now in 2015 people will get wiser to making it tough for creepy hackers to get to us. Lastpass app helps you store stronger passwords making it more difficult to get your personal information hacked out of your hands.Best Apps for the New Year

Accompli app
Put a snooze button on your email. Email on your timeframe not on theirs. This app fits into the idea for 2015 that balance is needed in the rapidly fired abundance of email messages constantly coming at us. Helps you by also letting important people jump to the top of your email inbox.. like your kids, husband or wife for example.

Crowdsourced Photo Organization will be huge in 2015.

Phototime app looks at all of your photos from selfies to vacations and helps you quickly find any pic that you’ve taken from your entire camera roll. Search for photos based on automatically generated tags such as a plaid shirt, sand, food and Paris for example. It can also pull in your selfies from instagram and facebook helping you find a memory in seconds.

Health apps

Apple Watch coming in 2015 is expected to wake up the health app consciousness of America. Dr. Oz is developing an app which taps into a revolutionary way to monitor your health using the Apple Watch.

Crowdsourcing the Flu. https://flunearyou.org/
2015 we will continue to get smarter at avoiding getting sick. At least there is an app that can make us think we’ll be able to avoid catching a bug. FluNearYou disease detection app keeps track of the spread of the winter’s flu outbreak.

Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson - Best Apps for the new year-Today-Show with Kathie Lee and Hota Kotb

Car apps getting big in 2015 

Your car and phone are becoming real BFFs finally.

Landrover Remote app (for example) http://www.landroverusa.com/ownership/incontrol/index.html
tells you where your car is located on a map, how much gas is in the tank, can read your odometer, find a parking space nearest to your destination for you, alerts you when oil and washer fluid is low and can even summons help for roadside assistance without you fumbling for an auto club card.

More mainstream car brands, here they are but are a bit lackluster compared to higher-end makes at the moment for 2015:
Automobiles other than Landrover:

A new app destined to be big in 2015 works with any car..

  • FuelSignal app 
    (currently just launched and working in test market Austin Texas with promising success)
    This is like a frequent flyer program for your gas purchases. Redeem points earned for gas, food and drinks. Helps you find the best deals on gas displaying nearby stations on map.

Got an app you’d like us to know about?  Give us a holler here.

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