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2021 Hurricane Season is here. How to get survival ready for any storm.

by Kurt Knutsson

Knowing how to turn tech into a life line in a storm can make every bit of difference. I learned most of what I’m sharing with you from being trapped myself in Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans for days. I wish I had this advice then.


Know your GPS Coordinates

Store your home’s Latitude/Longitude coordinates in your phone contacts. Flooding prevents common street signs and hides landmarks. First responders may be unfamiliar with your neighborhood. It’s easier for helicopter or boat rescue to locate you with solid GPS coordinates.

When I was trapped in Hurricane Katrina, it took nearly two days to determine my GPS coordinates without electricity so that a helicopter could rescue us.

Here’s how to get your lat/long coordinates so that you can save them in your contacts and share with loved ones in advance of a storm.


Deploy Simple Tech Gear

Keep extra USB chargers handy. Leave some in your car. If your power goes out, you can recharge your device from your car. Never operate the engine with garage closed.

Keep keys with you at all times during storm and keep a usb charging cable in your pocket. Put out all batteries in one place with any other alternative power sources. Backup to portable drive or email it to yourself.

If you evacuate, take video tour of your home recording contents as you describe it for insurance company.


Download Life-Saving Apps

Download important life-saving apps before the storm hits.


National Hurricane Center mobile site

NOAA National Hurricane Center mobile site should be bookmarked on your phone. It is the source of all official hurricane data.


Zello Walkie Talkie app

Zello walkie talkie app to coordinate family response and communications. These will work while there is still active cell phone towers or wifi.


Waze app

Waze app is the best for navigation during evac and after storm to route you around trouble spots.


Red Cross Emergency Alerts! app

Red Cross Emergency Alerts app

Follow your local police and fire departments on Facebook. Newly announced official push alerts will be available for your local community.


Best Storm Tracking – Ventusky app

Best storm tracking is Ventusky app.


6 Survival Gear Must-Haves To Save Your Life

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