Will new Lie Detector App change job interviews forever

The job application process is a stressful one for most people. From perfecting your CV to looking at query letter examples if you want to go into writing to taking pre-enrollment tests if you want to work in certain fields. And now, it’s going to be getting even more stressful for applicants as some companies are looking to introduce a lie detector to their initial interview.

A new app uses cameras to detect facial expressions commonly made when people lie. Companies may start using it during the hiring process. Here’s what you need to know.


  • MIT researchers fed a computer huge amounts of data including pictures of facial expressions showing human emotion
  • Originally developed as idea to help people with autism
  • The intelligent video software can overlay your camera video and record your emotional states on the fly
  • More powerful and elaborate versions of this intelligent video software are in development.


  • More than a lie detector
  • Business workers may life it for its ability to read whether someone negotiating a deal intends to commit to a deal
  • Job interviewers could opted to interview a potential hire over video chat so that they can see if potential candidates are telling the truth Advertisers see it as a way to measure how consumers respond to TV commercials
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