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Wild Weather Survival Gear

by Kurt Knutsson

Flooding, lightning, high winds, power outages.. Any one of these effects of wild weather can catch you off guard and unprepared. This is why so many Americans take measures to ensure their family’s safety. They have a back-up generator in case they lose power, have access to plenty of drinking water, and buy MRE meals that will keep them well fed. You can find 12 pack case MRE full meal on this website if you’re wanting to become more prepare for next time a disaster hits. Now, some must-have apps to navigate any storm along with some smart great to have on hand when skies turn dark.

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet

This Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet may throw your fashionista friends into a perplexing closer glance at your wrist to find out what braided material is catching their eye. You’ll smile knowing its a cleverly disguised emergency survival paracord waiting to unwind into a 12 foot life line complete with an distress whistle. Get it here

Weather Radio App

This most worthwhile downloadable app that alerts to impending weather warnings triggers an alert when National Weather Service issues a public warning for tornadoes, flash flooding, lightning and severe thunderstorms. You can add locations aside from your current position such as your parents’ home and schools to keep a watchful eye on those you love. (iOS, Android)

Hurricane Pro Best Hurricane Tracker For Severe Weather App

HURRICANE PRO APP ($4) (iOS) is my favorite hurricane tracking app during severe weather. Shows clear tracking maps along with the reach of forecasted winds. Share information with family and friends easily.

Battery Doctor Must Have Battery Management App

BATTERY DOCTOR APP (FREE) (iOS, Android) This app can pinpoint other energy hogging apps that are draining precious battery life and then you can turn them off to get longer life out of your mobile phone during an emergency. Beware that there are constant attempts to up-sell you to other products and services. It works the same whether you get sucked into the their pitch.

Emergency Med Kit

Aside from the usual list of gear like batteries for flashlights, a smart Med Kit can have you ready for most unexpected needs for first aid. I found an outstanding first aid kit for 4 people for $20 on Amazon.

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