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iPhone 6s Review: THE BEST “S” EVER

by Kurt Knutsson

If you forced me into a one word review of Apple’s newest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, it would be this: FAST. And yes, all caps for the word FAST.

There are a bazillion reviews you’ve already seen or will see so I will simply boil it down to the essentials here.

#1 Question: Kurt, Is it worth upgrading my older phone to the iPhone 6s.

Answer: For first time of any other “s” series refresh, I will emphatically say YES. I don’t usually recommend an upgrade during the “s” cycle.

IPhone6s RoseGold

Don’t get stupid with your wallet though. Find the right time with your carrier so that the most amount of money toward the iPhone can be subsidized by them instead of you. Also, don’t fall for the monthly plan to get a new phone every year new deal. When you do the math, it does not add up in your favor. Owe less, own more.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus bottomline:

FAST. Apple’s newest A9 processor set is lightning fast. The wireless connectivity is faster. Navigating on the screen is faster. Opening apps is faster. Everything is faster about this iphone.

3D TOUCH is a breakthrough in the iPhone 6s understanding your on screen gestures better through a tap, press or push. This brings up all sorts of new options intuitively navigating to things almost like the old right click method. Native apps like Maps do a good job taking advantage of this feature such as pushing down on the Maps icon opens a menu for quick directions home amongst some other shortcuts. Very smart.

12 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA is 50% more pixels per shot and the image stabilization on the iPhone 6s Plus is unparalleled. The first ever 4K ultra high definition video is the best I have ever seen from any smart phone. Look at this documentary.. the first shot on the iPone 6s Plus in 4K. Unbelievable detail.

Still photos also record a sec and a half of video before and after called Live Photos. It helps you feel the moment more but sacrifices valuable storage space.

To date, this is the most spectacular iPhone I have seen built. I also now award it top spot for all smart phones.

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