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Ask Kurt: 3 Reasons iPhone 6 Plus Beats the iPhone 6

by Kurt Knutsson

Ask Kurt: “Should I get the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?”

iPhone 6 Plus is winner for me for three reasons…

#1 longer battery life avg 14 versus 11 hours between charges.

#2 screen: bigger is not just better in this case, but higher resolution too.

#3 photography with first cam the blows away every cam I’ve ever seen built into a smartphone.



Yes, at first it feels big.. but I rode a bike with it in my front pocket around Manhattan yesterday and forgot which pocket it was in.. it is perfect for me. No regrets.

The truth about the bending issue.

When you are at the top.. its human nature to want to take you down. I would venture to bet that the cheap plastic backing on Samsung phones will melt if given enough heat.. and I could pull off a side panel to a Ferrari and find a way to dent it and bend it. Fact is, you really have to be either an idiot or intentional destructive to bend the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. I am closer to the idiot side of the equation and can barely put a scratch on it in my clumsy world.

Which one have you gotten / are you planning to get and why?  Are you happy with your decision?  Comment below!

Watch my coverage from the Apple Conference below:

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