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Best Van of 2022 also named “Just butt ugly”

Canoo Lifestyle EV gets honored by LA Auto Show and slammed on twitter

by Kurt Knutsson

Dial into sentiment of Canoo, the lifestyle EV just named best zero-emission van of the LA Auto Show’s first year giving out such award, and it’s brutal.  The only award it’s winning on Twitter is the ugly duckling contest from critical reaction about its design.

Canoo Tweet


With a starting price of $34,750, Canoo calls their electric vehicle coming in 2022 “A loft on wheels”.  It may one day be called the best electric vehicle for the money, but Twitter reaction since its announcement has been harsh evoking an intensely passionate critique with colorful variations of ‘ugly’ in tweets like these.


Best Van Of 2022 Also Named “Just Butt Ugly”

Ugly remarks on Twitter about Canoo Lifestyle EV

“Ugly as f**k”
“Just butt ugly.”
“Better it be quiet ugly than quite ugly.”
“So ugly looks like a minivan that ran into issues with SAWZALL” (referring to the Milwaukee reciprocating saw)
“Ugly as sin”
“Intentionally ugly”
“God that’s ugly”


Looks like a Gondola Lift on Wheels

Gondola Lift

Admittedly, the image of a gondola lift came to mind as my first impression seeing the Canoo.  It looks like you could remove the wheels on a Canoo EV and hang it in the sky on cables.

The interior space is unique and futuristic. And the commercial applications as a delivery van look promising.


2022 version of the Flintstone’s Car?

Canoo Van

There’s something unsettling about the glass panel in the front cabin facing forward that lets you see the pavement.  In fairness, I’ve never driven it so maybe it’s fun like the floorless ride Fred Flintstone propelled with his feet while letting out a hearty “yabba dabba doooooo”.

Whether you call it ugly, a loft on wheels or a little of both, Canoo stock (NASDAQ: GOEV) surged on news of accelerated production plans and $100 million in new incentives.


Arkansas, really?

Canoo is planning to roll out its first production models in late 2022 moving it up earlier along with an announcement that it’s relocating to Bentonville-Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Best Van Of 2022 Also Named Just Butt Ugly

With a range of 250 miles and up to 350 horsepower, Canoo’s first vehicle is a minivan-looking vehicle that is fully electric and highly versatile according to the fourth EV company based in America that launched in 2017.

Best Van Of 2022 Also Named Just Butt Ugly

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle seems to be marketed as anything other than sexy. With 188 feet of interior space, Canoo will hold one for you with a $100 deposit to get on their waitlist.

What do you think? Comment below!

Canoo Van

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