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How to Protect Yourself from CarJackers

by Kurt Knutsson

Police are intrigued when surveillance video revealed some new high-tech tools being used to get into parked cars. It shows carjackers using small devices that clone your car’s smart key to unlock the doors giving them access to stealing your belongings and in some cases drive away with your car. The devices that mimic a car’s key trying code sequences until one succeeds in unlocking the doors cost around $20 on the black market.

Other less popular technologies being used by car thieves boosts the signals coming from your car key even though you may be hundreds of yards from your car, then they clone the signal to unlock doors and in some rare cases, they can start your car and drive off without ever breaking the glass or making it appear to passers by that they are stealing your car.


  • Don’t leave valuables in your car
  • Park your car in a private garage when able
  • Custom fit car covers can hide your car further making it less of a target
  • Store key fobs in metal box to reduce signal
  • Keep aware of new security threats and how hackers are implementing them to get in your car and rip you off.
  • Update your car’s onboard computer regularly
  • Stay up to date on manufacturer’s recalls

Anti-virus leader McAfee with the help of Intel is working directly with auto makers to prevent this threat with anti-hacking protection for cars in the future. Until they’ve got one up on today’s new tricks from car hackers, you will do well to just try to make your car an undesirable target.

How to Protect Yourself from CarJackers

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