Is Apple’s new CarPlay a sign of the rumored Apple Car?

Is Apple’s new CarPlay a sign of the rumored Apple Car?

Apple's secret plan to build an electric car just took a backseat to a revolutionary new dashboard

by Kurt Knutsson

On Monday, Apple hosted its first in-person event since the pandemic and it was great to be back at Apple’s headquarters.

The WWDC 22 event opening keynote covered updates including its upcoming:


What’s new with CarPlay?

WWDC 2022 Carplay

If this overhaul and expansion to CarPlay is the new Apple Car we’ve been hearing about for the past 8 years, it may disappoint those holding out that Apple is still a bold innovator instead of a services companies with Macs, iPhones, iPads and Watches.

Expected in several vehicle instrument clusters is the all-new Apple CarPlay coming in late 2023 to some vehicles.  Notably missing from the list so far are giant brands like BMW, GM, and Chrysler.  For those on the list who are integrating manufacturer’s hardware systems with Apple, it’s a big leap forward for CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay makes the Google display already look outdated and pitiful

As I am writing this, a tv commercial for a new Volvo came on touting all the advancements including built-in Google.   The design of the 2022 Volvo Google display already looks dated and pitiful next to what Apple just announced with CarPlay.

Car dashboards become giant displays in near future

Newer cars are expected to have a spread of driver displays many times stretching across to the front passenger side of the dash.   The new CarPlay will allow you to control iPhone-like functions and your car’s controls like air temperature, fuel readings and completely customize the dash in a way that works best for your life.

Can CarPlay drive me home yet?

There was no mention of automated driving or autonomous functionality to catch up with Tesla’s ambitious goal put into practice well ahead of the Cupertino developers at Apple.

Apple’s secretive car project code named “Titan” continues to see turnover in management behind the scenes. Though not discussed publicly,  a sizable research and development team at Apple has been efforting forward movement of an electric car to disrupt the global auto market since at least 2015.  Aside from rumors of prototypes in conjunction with other vehicle makers, Apple has nothing to show yet.

Elon Musk is betting on Apple

Whether an Apple Car looks more like autonomous software for existing automakers or an Apple Car of its own making, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that he thinks Apple will probably make a compelling electric car.    They may even ultimately beat Tesla in perfecting a reliable autonomous driving system.  It still eludes Musk after promising complete Full Self-Driving by 2018 and failing to deliver four years later and counting.

When will the next CarPlay be available?

CarPlay will be available in late 2023 to some vehicles.



What do you think of Apple’s updated Carplay?  Comment below.


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