Didn’t win the Lottery? 4 New Ways to Uncover Money Online

Didn’t win the Lottery? 4 New Ways to Uncover Money Online

by Kurt Knutsson

From becoming a Sip Trunk Provider to selling your old possessions to entering an influencer lifestyle, there SO many options to make money online nowadays. Today, we will be exploring some of the options in more detail.

Nothing in life is free? Guess again. Everybody is always looking for new ways to make money, and you will be pleased to know that it has never been easier to make money online. Over the years, more and more money-making ideas have come into fruition, and many have since used these methods to help them add extra money to their finances. Investing in cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin (read the bitcoin profit opinie for more information) has become one of the most popular ways to turn your investment into more money and you can do whatever you like with this cash. Though this route has soared in popularity over recent years, other people prefer to stick with what they are used to.

This can include making such money from the comfort of your own home through activities like paid surveys and online gambling. There are even sites like this https://thegamehaus.com/gaming/are-slot-games-the-best-to-play-if-you-want-to-make-money/2021/02/06/ that list which casino games produce the most profit. This of course isn’t the only way to do this and today I’m going to tell you about the other ways I’ve discovered.

Truthfully, I could hardly believe $100 landed in my lap this easily. I wasn’t convinced it was real until the promised $100 Amazon gift card I was baited with plopped right into my account within 24 hours. Other than my Online Casino Games that I play in my free time that give me some extra cash now and again, web startups and well-seated online brands are now shelling out cash to people willing to play along with little effort. Winning comes down to knowing which paths currently are worth running down to claim the money. After 20 years of sifting through the hype, here are my 2016 top 4 picks for bringing in some extra coin for the year. Getting the best angle of approach to making them work for you is what will make it worthwhile.


Flip your phone camera around while using Foap app is all it takes. The idea is that you can turn any photo taking hobby into a money making business. Foap charges brands that buy photos $10 per shot used. You get $5 each time it happens and can sell the same photo again and again.

To speed up the learning curve, get familiar with which type of photos on the service are being sold the most. In the process, you are going to naturally become a better photographer and sell more. You get paid via paypal with a cashout feature. Foap is available free on IOS and Android.

Foap App


Bookscouter app helps you find the best price for used books. Scan the ISBN barcode from the front or back cover on the old books sitting around your home. Textbooks are valuable resale commodities too.

Bookscouter shops your books to 58 book-buying sites to get the best price. Shipping is free from labels you can print at home. You get paid an average of 1-3 days via paypal or 3-7 days more for old fashioned US mailed check.

When you are done cashing in your own books, ask nearby family and friends to pitch in their used books too. Bookscounter app available on IOS and a mobile web version.

BookScouter App


Chicago-based Gadgetsalvation.com buys your old technology whether it works or is broken. You describe your model and it’s condition, then await an offer. Print a free shipping label. Once your old tech is received by Gadgetsalvation, a true appraisal is made and revised offer presented to you.

If you accept the offer, they pay you within 24 hours and you are done. If you instead opt to have it sent back to you, they will return it at your shipping expense. The BBB shows 24 out of 25 positive experiences reported with Gadgetsalvation. Alternative methods to sell your old tech on craigslist and ebay may get your more money, but are more involved and may take longer.

Remember to erase and wipe all personal information from devices before UPS picked them up and unlock by removing any password protection.

GadgetSalvation - Sell Your Laptop More For Cash


Field Agent app let’s you make money with your phone by doing quick errands. A map inside the app shows nearby assignments you can take. Should you accept a mission, you have 2 hours to complete it.

A sample mission could be a trip to Costco to do an egg audit by snapping photos of the egg display, counting cartons and record sizes and prices. Field Agent claims to have doled out $6 million so far even though the average pay for mission is between $2 and $12. Higher paying, easier missions get claimed fast. Available on IOS and Android.

Field Agent App

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