5 Top Trends at This Year’s Consumer Electronic Show

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This week in Las Vegas the future is now.  An exciting and larger number of exhibitors are hitting 3,500 and all vying for attention.  Here are the top trends from the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show (CES):

    • 4K TVs – ultraHD tv sets are coming down in price and consumers are poised to purchase flat panel TVs as many original sets are now aging.
    • Home Automation – Apple launching HomeKit and Google Nest thermostat growing
    • Wearables – 580 companies represented showing off their innovations in wearable tech.
      Advice: Don’t buy any smartwatch until Apple Watch launches in Spring and others are forced to make theirs better. But wearables such as the VR motorcycle helmet from Oculus which will not only revolutionize safety on the road and save lives, Oculus Rift now even in production yet and Facebook bought the company for $2B in 2014.
    • Cars 2.0 – what started as a trend is now a regular fixture of your car and your tech in a full love affair (focus is safer, more solid connections with your smart phone, more ways to keep eyes on road and hands on the wheel.
    • Robotics – estimated at 25% more robotic exhibitors than last year

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Brian Coleman January 22, 2017 - 3:49 pm
You mentioned an Israel company that was working on a VR hand - glove / Physical Therapy type device. Can you please let me know the company or product name? Thank you, Brian

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