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The Tech Ticket to the Royal Wedding

by Kurt Knutsson

The Twitter hashtag most used for the marriage between Price Harry and Meghan Markle is #RoyalWedding.  Meghan and Prince Harry have become the third most searched Royals on Google since the announcement of the couple’s engagement.  Prince William and Catherine Middleton take the top spot followed by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.  Only a week before the Royal Wedding, did Meghan Markle overtake Donald Trump as most searched with Prince Harry in third place according to Google Trends.

Top Google searched Royal Family members:
1/ Meghan Markle
2/ Prince Harry
3/ Queen Elizabeth II
4/ Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
5/ Diana, Princess of Wales

The Royal Family’s official twitter handle @KensingtonRoyal is pushing past 1.36M followers as worldwide attention grows for the Royal Wedding.

Podcast #11: Everything you want to know about the Royal Wedding plus the secret link to get you invited into Windsor Castle.

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02:10 Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park’s Sarah Cairns shares details about her hotel’s legendary connection to the Royal Family where the Queen learned to dance

02:20 The secret Albert Gate royal entrance and how you can get permission from the Royal Parks to use it

03:55 Prince Harry’s charity Walking with the Wounded

04:50 Royal family’s social media account growth

05:35 How 2,640 members of the public are scoring tickets to the Windsor grounds outside the chapel to view wedding

07:15 What Prince Harry and Meghan will be called once married

07:22 How Amazon is playing a big ‘world first’ role in the Royal Wedding

05:20 How to see the names and relationship of guests walking into the St. George Chapel

08:40 The HD technology with 4 times the sharpness to see Meghan’s dress detail and texture

08:55 Terror technology preparation and the intense security you won’t see & why you should get ready to be frisked

09:45 What is Windsor Castle and when the Queen Mum calls it home

10:15 Listen to the bells at St. George’s Chapel

10:35 Where Prince William, the best man, has selected for post reception party for just 200 intimate guests

11:10 Top 4 Royal Wedding Apps and Sites

11:20 The 360 degree tour of Windsor Castle and St. George’s Chapel

11:50 How to score an exclusive evening tour to the State Apartments at Windsor Castle at night

How Amazon is playing a ‘world first’ role in the Royal Wedding

Amazon Rekognition cloud technology will attempt to label every arriving wedding guest entering St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.  You’ll notice faces like George Clooney, but the other 600 to 800 guests may not be as easily identified without the help of artificial intelligence being used to label and profile the relationship to bride and groom.   The name and profile will be overlaid on the live video on the Sky News app Who’s Who feature.  The idea is that you could be watching the Royal Wedding on live TV anywhere in the world while using your smartphone or tablet as a second screen to see who made the guest list in real time.

Top 4 Royal Wedding Apps and Sites

1/ Sky News app

‘Who’s who’ feature will tap into Amazon Rekognition technology to label guest names and relationship to the bride and groom on the live video as guests enter the chapel.  The app works from the US but the Who’s who functionality is not active until the day of the wedding to put it to the test. iOS  | Android

If you are in the UK, Sky claims to have the best video quality as the only broadcaster in Ultra High Def which means you could see the texture and subtle detail of Meghan’s dress 4 times better than regular HD.

2/ St. George’s Chapel Windsor Castle 360 degree tour

This virtual St. George’s Chapel 360 degree tour offers a neck stretching tour inside the chapel where Price Harry and Meghan Markle will marry.  You can listen to the bells from The Curfew Tower just west of the chapel originally build as part of the castle’s defenses by Henry III in 1227.

3/ Windsor Castle official site

The official site for the Windsor Castle offers a guide to the weekend home to the Her Majesty with a 900 year royal history located about 20 miles outside London.

4/ Official Royal Family site  www.royal.uk

No fake news here. Teaming with Royal Wedding news and features, and current goings on, this is the one and only Royal site that is the official source for the the Royal family.

There are some other Royal Wedding countdown apps that are not worth your time.


Royal Wedding Security Boosted by Tech

Thames Valley Police in charge of the Windsor borough of the wedding is getting some outside help to boost strict security measures.  Much of the deployment cannot be seen by the naked eye.

A sophisticated CCTV system with license plate recognition is activated. The National Police Air Service is lending a hand along with snipers, undercover police and month long investigations from counter terrorism units.

Mandatory security screening is at every point of entry into Windsor including the train.  E News reports the tally for Royal Wedding security is $33M.

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