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Virtual Reality is Coming (Digital Hollywood)

by Kurt Knutsson

Thank you Jimmy Fallon for sending your NBC digital team.. and thank you to the amazing innovators in the Virtual Reality space.. VR is coming .. and it is.. as the Donald says.. YUUUUUGE!

On October 20, I moderated the panel at Digital Hollywood about Virtual Reality.

Thanks to all the big and little disruptors making giant waves and joining us.

Watch the panel here:

The VR-AR Innovators & Disruptors – Entertainment, Technology & Advertising – A Redefinition of the Industry

  • Morris May, founder/CTO, Specular Theory
  • Micah Brown, Senior Product Manager, Premier Digital Properties, NBC
  • Mike Rubenstein, VP, Broadcast Production, Integrated Operations, Hill Holliday
  • Jeffrey Greller, Agent, Virtual Reality & Digital Media, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME)
  • Jay Williams, CEO/Chief Content Officer/Exec Producer, Legion of Creatives
  • Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy, Author, Investor, Broadcaster, Moderator

Morris May, CEO/Founder, Specular Theory: Morris May has been a special effects expert in the motion picture industry for more than 25 years. He has worked on 30+ Hollywood films, including two Academy Award winners: Spiderman (Best Visual Effects) and Happy Feet (Best Animated Feature Film.) May served as the CG Supervisor for a number of films, such as The Fast and the Furious and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. May founded Specular Theory in 2013 to bring Hollywood visual effects to the masses using state-of-the-art technology and innovative visual content. As CEO of Specular Theory, May researches, selects and develops cutting-edge technology to create VR experiences and the tools to make storytelling possible in the new unexplored world of virtual reality.

Micah Brown, Senior Product Manager, Premier Digital Properties, NBC: Micah Brown oversees the technical teams responsible for the digital presence for Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Meyers. Areas of operation include technology budgeting, social media effectiveness, ad insertion and sponsored video campaigns. Over his career, Previously he worked at Viacom and produced films in collaboration with major movie studios, including Paramount and Universal. Demonstrating great skill diversity prior to working in media, Micah founded a startup which was successfully sold to a major HR brand, worked as a senior level technology consultant in the insurance industry and has worked in commercial, retail and investment banking. “Basically, I challenge you – both people and companies – to explore what you do not know and achieve what do you not think you can with the knowledge of what you do know, all without the fear of failure, because I have failed so much that its made me successful, so surely if can succeed, so can you.”

Jay Williams, CEO/Executive Producer, Legion of Creatives
Jay is a prolific producer who currently heads up a very successful creative company named Legion of Creatives. They just won the first VR Emmy Award and are working on all sorts of amazing content. Legion of Creatives is a fully integrated multimedia entertainment studio specializing in scripted and unscripted digital first programming that targets underserved audiences.

Mike Rubenstein, VP, Broadcast Production, Integrated Operations, Hill Holliday: The so-called “divide” between “Digital” and “Traditional” advertising is nonexistent here at Hill Holliday. Primarily because of people like Mike, who provide the vital connective tissue between departments, specialties and technologies. Leveraging his expertise as an art director, producer, and studio manager, Mike applies a holistic approach to projects in the integrated space, working closely with multidisciplinary teammates to ensure that their core concepts are supported by the right expertise to yield cross-platform optimization.

Kurt Knutsson is best known as “Kurt the CyberGuy” having created the largest tech lifestyle content franchise on television. He’s is a regular tech contributor on Fox & Friends, Fox Business Channel and NBC Today Show commuting from LA to NYC each week with a 15 year track record and trusted source as a daily syndicated technology reporter earning two Emmys and a Golden Mic Award. Kurt believes when you’ve got a grip of the latest tools and technology, you will create a better life for yourself. Public appearance opportunities in classrooms are as much fun as being invited to speak at major events. In addition to wearing the CyberGuy hat, Kurt also oversees a private investment tech fund and enjoy mentoring start-ups and other entrepreneurs who share the same curiosity that attracts technology into his life. Kurt’s hero: Elroy Jetson who knows how to embrace technology and the thrill of life in a constant state of fun.


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