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What the New iPhone Means to TV Watching

by Kurt Knutsson

On October 21, Kurt “CyberGuy” Knutsson appears on Digital Hollywood’s panel “Hollywood and Media – Always Connected – Always On – Traditional Media Transformed! Tablets, Smart Phones to Cable and TV”.  Topics included the evolving HBO, CBS, Netflix, how users are consuming media on their iPhone and Android devices, and data analytics.

There Kurt shares some amazing data:

  • comparing HBO to Netflix regarding profitability and subscriptions.
  • indicating that if you have THIS, you’re going to watch 20% more video on your smartphone.

You can watch the entire panel discussion here:

As you’ll hear in the panel above, Recently both CBS and HBO announced that they will soon be selling online subscriptions to their services directly to consumers. Sometime in the future, do you see yourself “cutting the cord” by ending your cable or wired phone bundled contracts and paying for individual online subscriptions to your favorite channels?

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