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The Best Gadget-Friendly Gloves for Cold Weather

by Kurt Knutsson

Not all gloves are alike. Conductive threads such as copper, silver and stainless steel sewn into today’s fabrics and especially winter gloves are the difference between clumsy moments versus living an easy life with perfect contact to our smartphones and tablets.

The Best Gadget Friendly Gloves For Cold Weather

We tested 23 pairs of the leading conductive winter gloves also called touchscreen gloves. The results of our research point to a list of worthwhile winners that will let you swipe, type and tap your heart out.


U|R Powered – Aiden Gloves $68
Innovative, patented technology makes the entire surface touch sensitive. Your screen is fully accessible without ever removing gloves.


AGloves Polar Sport $20
Outstanding customer reviews led us to try these patented gloves with conductive real silver woven throughout the glove instead of limiting to fingertips.


Moshi Digits $30
All 10 fingertips have conductive fiber in these knit gloves. The griptrak pattern helps keep your phone from slipping out of your hand. I really like the warmth and softness of the microfleece lining.

Glovely Classic

Glovely Classic $20
Actor/Tech enthusiast Aston Kutcher gives these an A+ rating and put the Glovely’s on his top gift list. The intelligent design outsmarted old-school gloves by swapping out a polyester product care tag with a microfiber clean cloth to wipe off screen smudges. The Glovely logo on each glove is also a magnet that keeps your gloves in love together when you’re not wearing them so they don’t get lost


The North Face ThermoBall E-Tip $50
A great outdoor winter glove that’s extra thick and warm from insulated thermoball technology that retains heat even when wet. The conductive fibers at the fleece palm and on all five fingers makes interacting with a phone or tablet good and easy.

ReiTech CompatibleGripGloves

REI – Grip Gloves $29
Tech compatible patches on the forefingers and thumbs work with touchscreens flawlessly. Soft, warm fabric blend wicks away moisture and helps the hands breathe too.

My personal favorites line right up with Aston’s pick.. Glovely is smart and most comfie fit. The modest price point fits my forgetful lifestyle best since I am replacing missing glasses and gloves constantly.

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