By far the most useful innovation in years for package delivery security is the Ring video doorbell. It catches crooks pure and simple. I remember first meeting CEO and founder Jamie Siminoff on the Universal lot in Hollywood as he was showing his invention for the first time to me and our crew. After he showed us how your doorbell could be replaced with his wireless wonder, I ordered one for both my home and my mom. She loves being able to see who’s at the door on her iPhone from anywhere. Ring Video Doorbell.

Ring Doorbell 2

Here are four winning strategies to prevent package stealing crooks from ruining the holidays.

Strategy #1 Amazon Locker

Get packages ordered on Amazon delivered to the nearby lockbox called Amazon Lockers. You get notified when packages are awaiting your retrieval. You enter the Locker code to get your items. See how far away the nearest Amazon Locker is located to your home.
Find the nearest Amazon Locker.

A nearby Amazon Locker

Strategy #2 The Package Guard

it may look like a frisbee, and this smart idea called the Package Guard sits in front of your home. Packages from 16 oz to 100 lbs are set on top upon delivery you are notified instantly that parcels are waiting for you. If someone tampers with the parcels a 100 decibel alarm sounds to scare off thieves.
The Package Guard $89

The frisbee-shaped Package Guard

Strategy #3 Smart Locks

Amazon Key home kit

Popular locks like August Lock is one of the best. Now Amazon Key Home Kit smart lock system ties into your Amazon orders allowing delivery people to unlock your front door and leave packages inside when you are away.
Amazon Key Home Kit $249
August Smartlock $229

August Smartlock

Strategy #4 Parcel Delivery Box

It is one of the tried and true methods to secure a package when you are away. Once considered extravagant, now with the frequency of online shopping, it is becoming more practical solution. The Elephant Parcel Drop Box is architecturally in design making it more attractive while bolted to the ground in front of your home. The patented multi-parcel delivery drum allows several packages to be left at a time.
Elephant Parcel Drop Box $239

Elephant Parcel Drop Box


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