7 amazing gadgets as helpful as a handyman

From the mini power drill-style scrubber that cleans every small stain to the product that will give any bathroom a luxury feel, sometimes there are amazing gadgets & gear you don’t even know you need until you have them.

That’s why we’re coming up with the coolest gadgets each month. This month, products will help out all around the home with a hack to make any switch turn on and off for you and ways to take your cleaning to the next level.

1. SwitchBot Smart Switch Button Pusher

If you’ve ever wanted to turn something on without being home, this is essentially a sticker that will press any button for you. You can stick it to a coffee machine or a light switch, connect it to your smartphone or computer, and click the power button or switch remotely.

If you already use a smart-home system like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can set up your SwitchBot to connect to them. This will let you get rid of those old-school timers to turn lights on in your home, and no wires or plugs are required. It works with several types of buttons and switches, so you can turn on (and off) almost anything you need.


2. Spacesaver storage bags

Get 80% more storage with these vacuum sealer bags that come with an electric pump. You can get every bit of air out of the bags as you store bedding, clothing, or anything else that will be bulky in a closet. Or use the bagels for travel, and bring along the portable electric pump to help with re-packing on your way home. The bags boast a double-seal and triple-seal turbo valve to keep all of the air out and your bags compressed.


3. Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner

Around since 1985, one bottle of this pink miracle cleaner will go a long way.  This cleaner is a concentrate, so all you need is a drop to remove almost stains from shoes. It works on leather, vinyl, canvas, plastic, and more when it comes to shoe material. It’s even used by athletes coining the phrase, “been keeping kicks clean since Jordans hit the scene.”

Thanks to the nontoxic formula, you can also use Pink Miracle on upholstery, purses,  and around the house or in the car. While this shoe cleaner comes with a brush when you purchase it on Amazon, a hack is to use a toothbrush on smaller surfaces, like the side of a shoe.


4. Versa Power scrubber

While you may pull out an old toothbrush to clean a shoe, say goodbye to all of those tools when it comes to scrubbing grout and all the deep spots in your house.  Using this Versa power scrubber cleaning tool by Dremel is like holding a mini power drill just for cleaning.

Once it’s fully charged, attach the splash guard so you can use liquid cleaner without creating a mess.  Then choose one of the included attachments. You can use a brush, a deep cleaning brush, or a delicate pad, for example. Then hold your power scrubber as you clean away mold, mildew, and more without the arm workout.


5.  Towel warmer

If you thought the luxurious feel of a warm towel can only come from a fancy spa, think again. Skip the old-fashioned trick of warming up your towel on the heater, and get a bucket-style towel warmer from Keenray for your bathroom. It’s the perfect gift to add a cozy feel to any home.

This towel warmer fits up to two oversized bath towels, or you can throw in your pajamas or even a bathrobe. It heats evenly so you won’t have those cold spots like if you left it on the radiator. It’s also compact, portable, and the best part: you can add a fragrance of your liking using the built-in essential oil reservoir.


6.  Needle Threader

This is a great gift for anyone in your life who hand sews, especially with Mother’s Day around the corner. This genius product solves the issue of hard-to-thread needles. You can stop looking for a tiny eye in a needle, or trying to lick the end of the thread to get it to stick.

Simply place the needle on the hook, then hook your thread around as well. Then simply pull your need off and you will have a threaded needle in seconds flat. This is a handy gadget for most home sewing products, and can also be used along with a sewing machine.


7.  Johny Jolter Power Plunger

Picture a super-soaker water gun, but smaller and for cleaning toilets. Instead of using air, the Johny Jolter plunger uses water to clear away toilet clogs. Highly recommended by users with elongated toilets, and it takes less energy to use than a standard plunger. Once you’ve filled the plunger up with water, point it all the way into your toilet drain. Then push the handle down with force, and your toilet should be cleared.


What is your favorite home gadget you didn’t know you needed until you started using it?

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