Best Gaming Technology from E3 Expo

Best Gaming Technology from E3 Expo

by Kurt Knutsson

For the first time, E3 Expo, the biggest gaming industry convention opened it’s doors to the general public. That’s not the only new change in the gaming world. Trends to look for point to higher resolution gameplay, VR is big but augmented reality expected to be bigger. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook in a recent interview near the timing of E3 saying he’s very big into augmented reality. Here are some highlights from my experience.

Xbox One X

Best Gaming Technology from E3 Expo: XBox One

The big announcement from Microsoft takes the lead with the Xbox One X. What they call the world’s most powerful gaming console. In fact, they are right. It’s 40% more powerful than any other gaming console on the market. Older games are even going to look better, and newer ones made for the extraordinary 4K high-resolution ultra HD will blow you away. Now older games that have been out for longer, such as World of Warcraft (how popular is world of warcraft?) can be enjoyed with better graphics and sound. Look for solid performance with better textures, smoother frame rates, and faster load times. Look for the launch November 7 with a price tag of $499. I’d stand in that line.

Sony’s A1E Bravia OLED Television

Best Gaming Technology from E3 Expo: Sony A1E 4K HDR OLED TV With Acoustic Surface™ A1E Sony US

Sports used to own the power for driving the next TV you buy, and now 4K gaming resolutions becoming more important has gamers looking for the latest way for game experience to move forward with sets like Sony’s A1E Bravia OLED televisions. The 77-inch model will be introduced later this year and there’s a 55 and 65-inch model to snag. And don’t think the clean design fool you about sound, these embrace a new way of presenting sound that is both aesthetically and performance-wise amazing with acoustic surface technology that blasts mind-blowing clear sound through the display itself.

New Games: Destiny 2 & Crash Bandicoot N

Then you have titles that will cause lines to form. The blockbuster sequel, Destiny 2, will be one of those. A fresh start for both new and returning players in this first-person action shooter that pulls players in with a cinematic story that features big stakes and unforgettable characters. And for the first time in the franchise, Destiny 2 will be made for the PC too. Look for this around September 8th to launch.

Coming sooner is Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy around June 30th with great anticipation. This nostalgic gaming icon is back for first-ever remaster of the originals. It’s got three full games from past adventures with more that 100 levels to explore and stunning HD and 4K viewing. There’s something for new and existing fans starting at around $39.99.

Mobile Storage: Kingston DataTraveler MicroDuo

Then you spot a clever way to expand the storage on your Android phone. Yes, I love my iPhone and Android phones and this makes it easy to see why Android phones will love the tiny USB C thumb drives called Kingston DataTraveler MicroDuo. This trick worth sharing comes in 34GB at $22, 64GB for $50 and the 128GB is $105 on the street.

With approximately 65 thousand people in attendance, I can only imagine what we’ll see next year as improvements in augmented reality drive an entirely new experience to the world of gaming.

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