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Best Tech for Personal Protection in 2022

by Irene Park

Despite the longer downward trend of violent crimes in the US, there was a 3% rise in 2020 over 2019. And as more and more states reopen and more people are engaging in activities outside the home, there is no better time to invest in tech to protect your safety.

While traditional personal protection gear such as mace and pepper spray have been popular in the past, they are illegal in certain states and difficult to get through airport security. Additionally, carrying a defensive device that can be used as a weapon can create more danger. Nevertheless, some people own weapons and use them either for wrong reasons or as self-defense weapons. Gun owners can be taught how to safely possess a firearm or they could also look for blog pages by searching using keywords like “300 blackout vs 5.56” so that they can be aware of the gun’s features before they use it. This might also prove to be beneficial for using weapons safely.

As important as it is to keep safe, it is equally important that such tech is portable and easily integrated into one’s life so it can actually be readily on-hand. The following is a list of tech that is both discreet and safe.

Birdie: The Original Personal Safety Alarm for Women by Women


Birdie is a lightweight keychain accessory (about the size of a key fob but lighter) that emits a loud alarm and flashes a bright, strobe light to deter attackers. The device is easy to activate when needed as it works by merely pulling off/yanking the bottom portion of the design.


  • Ease of use
  • The sound emitted is 130 decibels, which is like hearing a jet engine flying 100 feet above you, is sure to shock & deter any assailant and attract nearby help
  • Measuring at just 3.5″ x 1.125″ x 0.5″, it can easily be added to a keychain or bag
  • At 2 oz, it is lightweight
  • Can be bought in a variety of colors, including bright ones which makes it easier to find in a bag or purse
  • Nothing to charge or plug in as the provided battery can run the alarm & light for 40 minutes straight without need for replacement
  • When the battery needs to be replaced, you can simply buy and replace with two CR2032 batteries instead of buy another device
  • With each alarm purchased, the company donates a percentage of profits to partner organizations that support women’s safety, shelter, and health
  • Affordable


  • Not connected to outside source such as contacts or 911 for further assistance
  • Will deter and distract predator but cannot disable/disarm one





Jewelry and other accessories with a charm that has a hidden button on the back of it. When feeling threatened, you can press the button on the back of the charm to get help. The charm is connected to an accompanying app on your mobile device. Two presses of the charm will send a text to 5 predesignated people asking for help with your current GPS location. You can also have the device connect to the nearest 911 dispatcher.


  • Discreet, subtle design does not attract attention to it or you until needed
  • Lightweight and comes in a variety of different items so you can find something for everyone such as keychain accessory, necklace, bracelet, scrunchies, or athletic bands
  • You can get support from others outside of your immediate location (contacts or 911 dispatcher)
  • No charging, plugging or replacing batteries as the battery life is guaranteed for at least one year but often lasts up to two depending on use
  • When the battery is low the accompanying app will detect it automatically and send you a notification to purchase a replacement device
  • Uses low energy Bluetooth to pair your phone to device
  • While not recommended being worn in the shower or submerged in water, it is sweat and weather-resistant


  • Needs to be near or at least 30 feet from your phone to send the alerts and connect with 911 dispatcher
  • More expensive than other items on the list
  • There is no way to replace the battery within the charm, but you have the option of buying a replacement charms starting at $99 with the option to upgrade to another style.
  • Additional $19.99 per month if you want to add InvisaWear Premium, a service that gives you:
    • 24/7 access to ADT security agents, who will be available through phone or chat to stay with you on the line until you’re safe
    • Activity tracking, where you can ADT to track your GPS location for a designated period of time, and pre-selected contacts or 911 is contacted if you do not respond after the predetermined time
    • Free personal self-defense classes offered quarterly

Cost: Begins at $129.99

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Tactical Flashlights

tactical flashlight

Often used by police and military, tactical flashlights are typically used in conjunction with firearms for low-light identification. Where this type of product can benefit the average citizen is that it is so bright that it can stop the approach of suspicious people coming toward you as well as attract attention to your location to others. Incredibly well constructed, if the situation escalates and the suspicious individual gets close enough, the tactical flashlight can be used as a blunt weapon if necessary.


  • Useful outside of emergency situations such as lumination in dark areas
  • Legal to carry and accepted in places where other self-defense devices are not allowed such as theaters, offices, airplanes, etc.
  • Long Battery life
  • Made of durable materials and is very resistant to damage
  • Some are self-charging and can actually be used to charge other everyday objects like cellphones


  • No auditory component as a deterrent
  • Assailant has to be in range for device to be used as a blunt force weapon
  • You cannot get support from others outside of your immediate location (contacts or 911 dispatcher)

Cost: Varies. While approximately 30% more expensive than regular flashlights, some solid options start at less than $100.

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Get Flare

Get Flare

Get Flare is a personal safety device that comes as two types of bracelets, a cuff or stone. There are many types of stones or finishes to choose from so you can find a version of the device that suits your tastes. They are specifically designed to be discreet so that they are not jeopardized (or grabbed first) in a potentially dangerous situation. There are buttons on the underside of the bracelet that when pressed can get you help as it is connected to an app on your phone via Bluetooth. In addition to being able to text your GPS location to a pre-selected group of contacts or connecting to 911 if desired, Get Flare uniquely has the ability to have a pre-recorded call come through your phone with a push of a button so that it can deescalate a potentially hazardous situation with a fake call.


  • Can trigger a pre-recorded call to your phone to get you out of situations
  • You can get support from others outside of your immediate location (contacts or 911 dispatcher)
  • Water-resistant
  • No charging, plugging, or replacing batteries as the battery lasts 1-2 years depending on usage
  • An email or text notification will be sent to you before your battery runs out.
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Works internationally with cellular data service or wifi


  • Device works only with your cellphone within at least 30-50 feet; it works 100% when it is within 10 feet of your mobile device
  • The Flare app is only available for iPhone
  • Only option for when the battery runs low or dies is purchasing a replacement bracelet at a discounted price of $89 in whatever style you like
  • 911 dispatcher contact doesn’t work internationally

Cost: $129



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