Did the iPad Pro Just Kill Off Notebooks?

The most asked question I get about the new iPad Pro, “Can this replace my notebook computer?”

I’ll get your answer in a second.  But first, let’s see what Apple did in the latest iPad Pro devices to hit the market.

Big Upgrades

The remarkably biggest breakthroughs are in the design, 4K video resolution, FaceID, optional SmartKeyboard, Pencil 2, and the included super fast A12X bionic chipset which Apple says is more powerful than 92% of laptops currently on the market.

Going, Going, Gone.

A similar disappearing act in the trend with Apple iPhone has now made it to the newest iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 inch models. Gone is the home button, 3.5mm audio jack and the lightning port which is now replaced with a more universal USB-C port.

Best Tablet. Period.

There is not a better tablet on the market than the new Apple iPad Pro.  I go big for the 12.9 inch size over the 11 inch model which aside from size has the very same performance specs on the inside. When iPad first launched, I wondered why it wasn’t the size of a piece of paper.  I got an earful back then.  And as if my wish was heard, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro feels like the perfect size for entertainment and productivity.  The 12.9 inch iPad Pro is my favorite of all Apple iPad inventions.

I bring the iPad with me everywhere I go, especially on the road when I travel. A recent regrettable Alaska Airlines flight which took off with no inflight entertainment or power on its 6 hour journey was saved by the video on my iPad Pro.

While some people could ditch their notebook computer for the new iPad Pro, not me. It is certainly powerful enough and a joy to write with given the new Smart Keyboard Folio, but I just can’t get the same productivity and feel out of it as I do my trusty MacBook. For now, I will still travel with both and lean on one when the battery craps out between charges on the other. I also love using the iPad Pro as a mobile hotspot on the go with all of my connected devices.

I’ve never claimed to be an artist, but the responsiveness and smarter functionality of the Apple Pencil 2 makes me want to sketch something brilliant. You can see how I gave it a go in the unboxing video here.   And checkout what someone was able to draw using the Pencil 2 on the iPad Pro.


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The edge to edge liquid retina screen makes the older iPads feel ancient when next to each other. Apple did an amazing job fitting so much display into the design. The storage capacity drives the price as high as $1899 for the 1TB version of the iPad Pro 12.9 inch WiFi + Cellular. Your storage options are 64GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

Tip: One way to find out how much storage you use is to look at your existing storage usage on a previous iPad and iPhone. Make room for more storage if you plan to shoot a lot of 4K high def video and photos on the iPad Pro 12MP camera. Tip:  Drop down to the 11 inch to save $200. The starting prices for each iPad Pro are far more affordable when you don’t deck it out with hefty storage.  Find the sweet spot in storage to figure out price.  I ended up with 500GB which for an aggressive video hound, is plenty.

Apple iPad Pro

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