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Robot delivers kitchen to table during restaurants worker shortage

by Kurt Knutsson

Some clever restaurant owners are turning to tech as they struggle to hire workers during the labor shortage. Customers are being served by a restaurant robot called ‘Matradee’.

The restaurant robot can run up to four trays of food and drinks at a time from the kitchen to table.

Richtech Robotics

Restaurant robot gets sassy with customers

Patrons are finding the Matradee robot entertaining even thought it can get sassy.

If it brings food to your table and you’re not quick enough to grab your tray, it might say, “Please take your food, I have to go back to work.”

Richtech Robotics

Some patrons try to block its path only to hear the robot utter “Don’t be obsessed with me.”  The robot’s lidar sensing technology can help it see up to 20 feet to avoid bumping into things.

The restaurant robot made by RichTech Robotics can also collect dirty dishes taking them back to the kitchen for washing.

Richtech Robotics

A manager at a California restaurant, Sugar Mediterranean Bistro, says the robot will not take away jobs and explains they are still actively trying to recruit more workers at competitive wages.

Robot cost is 1/3 of employee wage

In the meantime, this restaurateur is learning that a robot is paid about 1/3 the cost of an employee through the service from Richtech Robotics.

Described as “Autonomous Food Service Robots”, they are able to open kitchen doors and can speak multiple languages.

It left me wondering where does the money go when you leave a tip for the robot server?


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