This Smart Bike Helmet Could Save Your Life

This Smart Bike Helmet Could Save Your Life

by Kurt Knutsson

With more smart and electric modes of transport like the Manfirth Electric Scooters available, it’s no surprise that there’s a growing number of smart accesories on the market. Bike and scooter owners are looking to improve their riding experience and their safety by investing in these products. Today, we will be looking into one of them.

Pairing this cycling helmet with your Apple Watch could be the difference of being seen versus run over. It’s what I call a ‘Rethink’ done right. When someone genius takes an old idea and makes it new and better.

The folks behind the Lumos Smart Cycling Helmet did the greatest refresh to today’s best bike helmet. Once calibrated with my Apple Watch, the Lumos Smart Bike Helmet tracks my arm turn signal gestures and activates bright LED lights putting blinking turn signals into my helmet.

Extend your left arm out and the left turn signal blinks on the helmet. A quick shake of your wrist resets the flashing lights once I’ve safety made my turn. It’s genius. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, the Lumos helmet also comes with a left/right blinker button easily mounted to your handlebars.

Your old bike just got smart

Frankly, I’m saving that handlebar space for something so smart, that once you install it on the T-joint center of your handlebar, you’ll never take it off.

Smarthalo is a new device that you’ll likely see crowds at Apple retail stores gathering around to learn how it can make cycling a lot safer. The Smarthalo turns any regular bike into a smart bike. It does a lot of things that keep you from needing to reach for your phone.

From turn by turn driving directions once synced with your phone to anti-theft alarm, front light, fitness tracker and let’s you know when you’re getting a phone call. I wish it had a GPS tracker built in to help me recover a stolen bike. Even without GPS we’ve got a winner here.

Best Electric Scooter

You know that rush you feel from making a great decision when you pull a product from its packaging and notice that everything you imagined was even better than you predicted? In the sea of hundreds of electric scooter makers, there is the one you are certain to notice from its amazing quality and attention to detail when it arrives at your doorstep. Uscooter Booster Plus does it to me.

It’s one of the lightest and most intelligently designed foldable scooters that is solid yet at 23 lbs incredibly lightweight. Even the way it snaps back into folded position is so smartly designed that I’d like to give the engineer who thought about this level of extraordinary detail a big congratulatory hug.

Everything about it feels like super talented designers were in charge and ready for an ah-ha moment. A colleague at work was first to give it a thorough ride and ended up buying one for himself to commute his short distance from the studio.

Although he initially received one with a battery glitch, it was replaced immediately with one that moves his 6’5″ body frame down the rough roads in NYC at a top speed of 22MPH with a range of about 23 miles. The Uscooter has built-in lights for nighttime riding and a display that shows remain battery power. The Uscooter powered by E-twow is the best electric scooter I’ve ever tested.

Lightest bike with a motor

It may look like a regular bike, and this Analog Motion AM1 electric bike has a motor no one will notice until it kicks in to boost your peddling speed up to 30 MPH. The lightweight AM1 one looks and rides like a regular bike and after its giant success on Kickstarter, it is priced at a steal against any competitor of similar quality.

When you take it for a ride, it feels like you are on a downhill slope with the electric motor adding to your ride. With a range of 20 miles, this single speed bike made in the UK and now available in the US is ready for any city adventure.

The removable battery pack with Samsung technology inside can be recharged in 3 hours. The startup behind the AM1 electric bike is making them as fast as they can. The AM1 earns the CyberGuy award for innovation and quality.

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