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Wake Up With These Unusual Alarm Clocks

by Kurt Knutsson

As daylight savings time comes around again, so does my focus on how tough or easy the time change is in our lives. I’m naturally an early riser. For others, it takes a trumpeting band of loud alarm clocks to get them out of bed. Here are some recommendations that are a little off the wall and a lot of help to many sound sleepers.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Super Shaker $33

Renowned for waking heavy sleepers, the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock has the most powerful bed shaker with an alarm sound and red flashing lights that could be mistaken as the world coming to an end alarm. Yes, its super loud and very effective at jolting you out of slumber.  Get the Sonic Bomb clock here.


Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock $116

Tapping into the natural way a sunrise brings us into the day, Philips Wake Up light alarm emulates the rise of the morning sunshine by slowly gaining in brightness as it approaches your desired wake up time. The digital clock readout at the bottom of the light has easy to control settings. The goal is to improve your entire well-being, energy and health. Get the Philips Wake up Light Alarm Clock here.


Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio $35

What may appear like a simple nightstand alarm clock is a lot more with its ability to customize your wake up schedule, and act as a Bluetooth speaker. The Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock is controllable from both Android and iOS devices.  Get the Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio here.

Echo Show 5 $60

Amazon’s latest alarm clock smart speaker is perfect for bring Alexa into the bedroom. She will wake you when ever you voice command her to bring you out of sleep. You can easily customize the sounds and methods such as a particular song you love to hear first thing in the morning. My favorite feature is the slider switch that shuts the camera and microphone off manually.  Get the Echo Show 5 here.

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