What to Expect from the New iPhone, iPad & Apple TV

What to Expect from the New iPhone, iPad & Apple TV

by Kurt Knutsson

What to Expect from the New iPhone, iPad & Apple TV

Rumors are all over the map for Apple’s expected announcement of not just one big thing.. but a refresh of at least three of the tech giant’s products including the iPhone, iPad and the Apple TV set top box. The AppleTV version 4 could be a bit larger in size from the third generation device and come along with a faster processor giving Siri a new powerful voice with your TV.

Leaked designs of an Apple remote control shows it being larger too with sensors and more tactile controls. I don’t know about you, but I constantly lose the tiny shiny metal Apple remote and wouldn’t mind a larger look. The Apple TV 4 is expected to jump up in price too to perhaps $150 and $200. Apple will continue to sell its current Apple TV version as an entry point model. The newer iOS9 driven Apple TV will feel and look a lot more like your other iOS 9 devices.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will get a refresh including a faster processor, adopting Force Touch for greater sensitivity to touch control, more efficient use of WiFi and power consumption giving it better connectivity and longer battery life without a measurable change to the outward appearance of the iPhone. The builtin iSight camera is rumored to at least double in resolution to 12 megapixels and be capable of shooting ultra HD video in 4k. If true, that would be the most compelling reason to start thinking about replacing your older flat tv with one that offers Ultra HD 4k resolution as a base.

The Apple iPad will get a refresh and I would be surprised if we see the debut of the rumored iPad Pro larger version this go round. We know the iPad Air is likely to get a lot of the newer features you can expect with an iPhone 6S and 6S Plus though. Either way, and no matter which device you have now, the update to Apple’s device software called iOS 9 is already one of the best updates in years. It is streamlined to give you back more storage space on your phone or iPad which its footprint being smaller, but now operating in a way that could lower power consumption giving you about an hour of added battery life to your device. I’ve been using the iOS9 beta for a number of weeks and love the way it feels and allows for multitasking. Whether you are about to buy a new iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, your older Apple portable gadgets using iOS will feel new with the free operating system update when it releases shortly. My wishlist for future releases remains the same.. I keep hoping for a phone that is bendable, unbreakable, waterproof and has battery life that lasts for a week or more. A guy can dream, right?


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