6 Smart home devices we love

We’ve got the gadgets to keep you covered in your bedroom, kitchen, and every other room in the house – and they’ll actually change your daily life.

If you spend more time than you’d like to admit looking for an extra place to plug in a phone or other gadget, we’ve found the solutions for your outlet troubles. Or if you’re sick of yelling from room to room or floor to floor to get someone in your family’s attention, say hello to your voice’s new lifesaver.

These are the home gadgets you didn’t know you needed to make your life easier – every day, in every room.


6 gadgets to upgrade your home

1. Bedside Alarm Clock with Wireless Charger

This is not your old-fashioned alarm clock. While it does have access to the radio, more importantly – it can wirelessly charge your device. If your phone has wireless charging, there’s no more need for a useless charging pad you keep on your bedside table. This bedside alarm clock also offers USB charging, a Bluetooth speaker, and the best feature for any light sleeper: the displayed time is dimmable.

Stream your own favorite music player and wake up to any music or playlist you’d like, while also waking up to a charged phone, all while having a stylish bedside clock and alarm.



2. Ultra-thin electrical outlet cover with Outlet power strip

This is the perfect solution for the struggle of an outlet located right behind a couch or dresser. If you’ve ever found yourself hoping your furniture wouldn’t completely crush or bend a plug against an outlet, you can finally plug everything in at ease.

This 3-outlet power strip from Sleek Socket covers up your outlet completely while providing easy access to more plugs than you originally had. For an additional $10, you can order a 6-plug version that’s also surge protected. The only catch for this outlet cover is you can’t use it on any outlet where the ground pin is upside down.

This will free up counter and floor space as well, as you’ll now be free to hide those pesky plugs.



3. Pivoting surge protector wall outlets

This is another great space-saving option for all those plugs. It’s a great option if you’ve ever faced the battle of trying to plug in a few different gadgets or appliances at once before realizing their different shapes would make that possible.

The surge protector from ECHOGEAR goes right into your standard 2-plug outlets and turns it into 6 outlets. But the best part is that each plug is on its own rotating cube, so you don’t have to play Tetris while trying to get a charge ever again.


4. Wireless Doorbell

This is a gadget for both indoors and outdoors that could change your life. If you don’t already have a doorbell or let’s say yours breaks, this is a great option with a price you can’t beat. It’s water and dustproof, so it works for a front door. But the wireless features make this a perfect way to contact someone in your own house. Instead of calling the kids repeatedly to come down for dinner, set up a doorbell in their room so you can ring when they’re needed.



5. Self-inflatable Air Mattress

Anyone who has owned an air mattress has probably enjoyed the convenience of a bed you can store away after use, but you probably have also experienced the downside. Deflating an air mattress and trying to fold and stuff it into the storage bag is easily the worst part of the otherwise convenient temporary bed.

In under 4 minutes, the bed will inflate itself on a stand, and your guest bed will be set up without any extra work from you. This automatic EZ-Bed air mattress is not only self-inflatable, but it will also collapse itself into a convenient duffle bag (with wheels!) all with just a single switch.



6. LED Lamp with wireless charging

This LED desk lamp offers both wireless charging (if your smartphone has that feature) and a USB charging port. There are 5 different light modes and is dimmable, so it’s perfect for a desk in a shared space.  Thanks to the USB port and wireless pad, you can charge two phones at once, and there is also a timer so you have the light turn off automatically after 30 or 60 minutes, so you’ll never forget to turn it off.


Have any cool gadgets to add to our list?  Comment below!

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