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Best DIY Home Security Systems

by Kurt Knutsson

Home security seems like a simple investment whenever one moves into a new home/area. Usually, it involves homeowners visiting locksmiths in Stockport or some closer to their location to get some keys and spares cut or heavy-duty locks on the windows and doors to ensure a break-in is deemed unlikely. However, today, we need more coverage. We need cameras and alarms, also things like glass door security, as burglaries become more common and open gardens also become a prime place for stealing, even pets in some cases.

A common issue for many people is having their belongings stolen from outside their door, their post box, or after a delivery has just been. A record 27 Million people reported a package being stolen from their porch or front step last year. And that’s probably not even half the true worldwide figure.

Aside from expensive professionally installed smart alarms, home security AI systems and CCTV camera networks keeping a watchful eye, you’d be surprised with what DIY security solution you can find by looking at my research here.

Three of my favorite do-it-yourself home security systems are all easy to install and proven powerful at detering and catching criminals.

3 Winners of Do-it-yourself Home Security


Best DIY Home Security Systems: My Picks

2 Million Americans are being protected by this home security system already. There’s no professional installation needed. Frankly, was impressed with how quickly you can get it active once it arrives to your home. I loved how easy it was right out of the box.

A SimpliSafe starter kit is great for those with small homes to get going. If you’ve got a larger home, the SimpliSafe site helps you customize protection for your home, additional sensors, panic buttons, glass break detectors, outdoor sirens, cameras can be added as you build your own SimpliSafe home security system.

It is super easy to get going and protects against power outages and an attempt to cut phone line. Monitoring is around $15/month and there is no contract to sign.

[tw-button size=”large” background=”” color=”” target=”_blank” link=”https://amzn.to/2Cr3kOY”]SimpliSafe[/tw-button]

Ring Alarm and Ring Video Doorbell

Best DIY Home Security Systems: My Picks

Jamie Siminoff is the founder of the Ring Video Doorbell who I met at the beginning of his idea to replace old fashioned doorbells with his video doorbell that can be answered from your smartphone anywhere in the world.

Now the innovator has one of the best DIY home security systems in the Ring Alarm. Once again, Ring has mastered making it easy for anyone to install and guides the installation with one of the easiest step-by-step interactive guides for Ring Alarm.

One of the very best features of Ring Alarm and array of Ring products is the Neighbor community warnings that come when other Ring customers nearby experience crime or suspicious activity. Getting neighbor alerts puts you immediately on notice to watch out for suspicious creeps, porch pirates, car break-ins etc.

Ring Alarm optional professional monitoring starts at just $10/month or $100/year. The Ring Alarm bundles start around $200 and come with base station, wireless keypad, contact sensor for window or door, and motion detector.

[tw-button size=”large” background=”” color=”” target=”_blank” link=”https://amzn.to/2LsY40b”]Ring Alarm[/tw-button]

[tw-button size=”large” background=”” color=”” target=”_blank” link=”https://amzn.to/2rNQ0yn”]Ring Video Doorbell[/tw-button]

Abode IOTA Home Security

Best DIY Home Security Systems: My Picks - Iota

The all-in-one, DIY home security and smart home solution makes it to the best of DIY home security technologies with built-in HD 1080p camera, motion sensor, and two-way audio designed to be a single device that helps you keep an eye on things while you’re away.

IOTA has a built-in HD 1080p camera, It’s got a battery backup that keep IOTA protection active when power is out and the optional cellular backup protects even if broadband interruptions happen.

[tw-button size=”large” background=”” color=”” target=”_blank” link=”https://goabode.com/home-security-systems/iota?rfsn=5856614.356a7c”]Adobe IOTA Home Security[/tw-button]

CyberGuy’s Do-It-Yourself Home Security Buyers Guide

  • 24/7 professional monitoring offers better protection
  • Look for contract-free commitment to the monthly monitoring fee which will be a lot less than old traditional home security system
  • Consider how it protects while you are home and when you are away
  • Decide who will have access to control security
  • If it’s easy for a criminal to clip your broadband connection, so opt for cellular backup.

6 Tips & Tricks to Protect Yourself Against Criminals

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Paul den Ouden July 5, 2021 - 5:59 am

I have the ring home security system including home Monitoring. Great system. Only drawback is you can’t use the cameras unless the security system is on. I use Wyze cameras as a secondary. I like there equipment and price and are a good choice for a home security system at a very reasonable price.


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