If you broke your cell phone watching the Superbowl, you’re not alone. Last year 23 million Americans damaged their cell phone while watching a sports event and fixing those phones cost over 2 billion dollars.

Below are my tips to fix yours:

Tip 1
Temporary Fix.  Use clear shipping tape for a temporary fix over the broken glass and trim.

Tip 2
Shop around.  Head to the wireless store and investigate repair options. (at the time of this article Apple Stores are able to repair broken glass in their retail locations.)  iPhone 6 $109, iPhone 6 Plus $129. $79 if you have Applecare coverage which is available at the beginning of receiving your phone and for $99 offers two years of coverage in the event of an accident.  In many cases, your existing phone could be replaced during an upgrade qualification moment offering you a brand new phone for a whole bunch of free.

Tip 3
Repair comes to you. If you’re lazy, use icracked. Within an hour they will send a repair technician to you from their army which at last count has hit 500+ strong. Download the app or hit their website in order to see if you are within their service area.

Tip 4
Sell your old phone if you replaced it or upgraded.  Go to other companies that can hand you a check for the current value of your old phone whether broken or not.  Gazelle, Glyde and Gizmogul to sell your phone.

how to fix your broken cell phone screen