How to Create Your Own Marvelous Outdoor Movie Theatre

Summer is here are so are new ideas in moving entertainment to the safer outdoors. It’s been a long-time dream to create an outdoor movie theatre and now is the right moment. Frankly, I thought it would take a lot longer and cost more than I wanted to spend. I also thought it was going to be a lot harder than it actually was. Surprise, surprise, I found the amazing summertime solution without breaking the bank. I also found that one of the main issues with an outdoor cinema – bugs – can quite easily be solved with the right tech (or a call to a Terminix pest control provider). It has never felt so incredible to watch movies under the stars on the perfect night.

Here are the items I pulled together to create a marvelous outdoor movie theatre recipe.

Vintage Light Box with Letters

Create your own light-up movie sign or message!
– 252 letters, numbers and symbols included.
– It was really easy to snap off each letter and get creative.
– Takes 6 AA batteries.

Available on Amazon


– 3600 Lumens – very bright
– Great for outdoor movies, video games
– Wireless connection from your phone, tablet or computer

I found it super easy to hookup my existing Apple TV to the HDMI input.

Available on Amazon

What to look for in a projector

Projectors in general range from $100 for a low cost portable player upwards of $2000 for spectacular picture quality. Make sure you check 3 things before you buy.

  1. Lumens – the higher the better
  2. Wireless – be able to play from your phone
  3. Battery or Corded – portable ones last about 2.5 to 5 hours on battery

Two movie screen options:

Both screens are:

– Great for outdoor movie night.
– Project from front or rear.
– Inflatable screens are the most popular and cost around $200 for a 16ft screen.
– Easy to store, but cannot tolerate much wind outside.

Sewinfla screen available on Amazon

VIVOHOME screen available on Amazon

And believe me, it’s great..and so is a free white linen bedsheet. I prefer using any available white bed sheet or project onto a light-colored exterior wall or garage door. If you prefer using a garage door, then make sure it is in good working condition by getting in touch with companies similar to Lewis River Garage Door service. Also, tie the sheet by each end to make it as flat as possible.

Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repeller

When God made me, he added a mosquito magnet in every cell of my skin. I bathe in Off repellent and always look for breakthroughs that work to rid my life of the pests. This works so long as you are near it.
– Contains replaceable fuel cartridge
– 3 repellent mats (when blue mat turns white, time to replace)
– 15-foot zone of protection
– 12 hours of mosquito-free relief

Available on Amazon

BONUS: Free Augmented Reality Fireworks from Anywhere on July 4th

Using the free TotalAR app on a smartphone or tablet, you can watch augmented reality fireworks from any location from 9 p.m. to midnight local time on July 4. HoloPundits say the fireworks display will run 12 minutes and will feature patriotic virtual fireworks and music.

Light the candles, lay out the blankets, chairs and popcorn and you are ready!

Check out my other summer must have essentials here:

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