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No experience. No degree. No problem getting a job says Google.

by Kurt Knutsson

Where’d you go to school? Harvard? Yale? Google?

Google says it wants to disrupt education by offering career certificates to anyone who wants to learn skills that could lead to higher paying jobs with growth potential.

Google’s Career Certificates program is geared toward anyone – no college degree required – and could help the millions of unemployed Americans from Covid-19

Google’s plan according to CEO Sundar Pinchai is born from the pandemic and the accelerated shift that opened up opportunities no one could have imagined.

Here are the nuts and bolts of Google’s plan:

  • 3 new Google Career Certificates on Coursera in project management, data analytics and user experience design
  • A new Associate Android Developer Certification course
  • 100K+ need-based scholarships
  • Partnerships with 130+ employers working with Google who guarantee to hire graduates of Google’s certificate program
  • new Google job search feature to make it easier for people to find jobs (Interesting fact: Google said searches for “how to find a job with no experience” or “great jobs without a degree” spiked more than 750% during the pandemic.)

Most certificates will take 6 months or less with an average cost of $240.

That means someone with no college degree once getting a Google Career Certificate could expect to earn the mean average of $75K for User Experience Design to $93K for project manager

Google’s overall plan will create a jobs pipeline that circumvents college degrees like nothing we have seen before.

You can get a closer look at how Google Career Certificates work here.

Updated Sunday, Mar 14 14:27: clarification that Google Career Certificates are not the same as certifications similar to Android Developer Certification.


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