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How to Lower Your Monthly Wireless Bill

by Kurt Knutsson

We’ve all been there. We signed up for the very best deal with our cell phone carrier. We also knew but somehow forgot that it would not last forever. And just when phone companies know they are as far out of our financially discriminating minds, they strike.

Bill creep can start. One month you are getting the deal you signed up for, and the next it gets jacked up. You don’t notice unless for some odd reason you happen to look at your online wireless account.

The good news is that it’s not too late to turn things around after you follow my strategy to save money on your wireless bill. Now, I can’t promise you are going to save, but I did bigtime and I know many others find themselves cutting down their bills drastically.

How to Lower your wireless bill:

Check your data usage and adjust

  • You can logon to your phone bill online and look at each line on your account to tally the total usage. If you are under or over, adjust accordingly. Someone in your family may be a data hog.
  • Try to encourage signing onto WiFi networks to reduce the amount of data going through your wireless service.


Shop new Wireless Offers

  • Someone in the family may work for an employer that offers a discount.
  • Switch to Family plan to save.
  • See if there is a plan offered from your carrier that is lower than you are currently paying.


Dump features you aren’t using, but still paying for. Examine your bill items.

  • HD video costs more in some plans.  See if you are being charged extra for HD.
  • Ability to enable a HotSpot on some plans is free; for others you could be charged when you allow the Internet to be shared to other devices from your phone.


Check your wireless contract twice a year

  • Get in the habit of checking your wireless contract as often as you change the batteries twice a year in your smoke detectors at home.
  • Whenever you sign-up for a plan that has a term such as 24 months, set a reminder on your calendar to reprice at the end of the term.

They are counting on the fact that we forget. I’m here to remind you.

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