How to outsmart a thief using AirTags

After posting my “How to detect an AirTag tracker spying on you article“, Rick, one of our readers asked a great question.

“Great article with useful information. One question, though. What if someone stole your backpack and disables the AirTag you put in it to retrieve said backpack? This is a tough one.”

As discussed in my How to use a Bluetooth Tracker to recover stolen property article, two AirTags were cleverly affixed to a guy’s $950 electric scooter. The owner put one in the wheel well and the other deep inside the stem of the scooter.

Two is better than one

My tip here to potentially fool car crooks is to deploy 2 AirTags on or in your car or personal item being tracked.

Place one in a spot they can find it – such as a center console inside, the other one is well-hidden on the car in a car to reach area.

When it comes to a smaller item like a backpack, the same technique may also work.   Because a backpack is smaller, you may have to be more crafty when it comes to hiding the second AirTag.

Some people go as far as opening up a seam and inserting the second one in the lining of the backpack.  A thief may still be notified but may think since they deactivated one tag there may be some sort of glitch.  It’s worth a try!

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Have you found best spots to use an AirTag and ways to tuck or hide it deep away from easily being spotted?  Comment below with your innovative hiding spots!


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