How to Save your Soaked Smartphone

Clumsy like me? There is something about my phone constantly falling out of my hand, pocket, bag.. slipping in between the car seat, airline seat that has me amazing that it still works. More recently while walking and talking on a morning stroll on the beach, I stepped on a bee and simultaneously my iPhone flew from my hand and landed half way submerged in wet sand at the shoreline.

I argue with the bee about whether I snagged the phone fast enough as a wave washed over the spot of the crime. Either way, I followed the steps you want to know if you ever find yourself dropping your phone in the toilet, sink, ocean or pool.

How to Save a Wet Phone or Tablet

1) Quickly turn off device

2) Hand dry with lint-free towel (never apply heat)

3) Remove battery (if not an iPhone)

4) Place inside rice and seal for at least 24 hours

5) Reassemble and turn on If it works, you are golden. But if your newly dried phone hit salt water, it will likely corrode other parts inside device over time so you will want to backup constantly. If you have plans showing up at an Apple store or other source you got your phone telling a tall tale, think again. Sensors inside each phone change colors to reveal whether your device has been exposed to liquid.

Tip: Don’t Trash After a Splash

By all means, if its trashed after the splash, don’t throw it away. Water damaged phones and tablets could still be worth up to 20-30% of their original value according to Gazelle. In some cases, if there is no water behind the screen, Apple and others will offer trade-in value for your waterlogged phone but seldom will it be covered by warranty or Apple Care program according to their policy. And if luck has followed you this far, you might even find out that the damage is only isolated to the battery which can easily be fixed for minimal expense by a tech.





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