Generate the excuse of a barking dog, crying baby, construction noise, wind blowing and annoying echo. How to do it.

This fun and sneaky Zoom Escaper tool gives you the perfect reasons to excuse yourself from a Zoom Video call.  Zoom Escaper is a free web-based tool made to insert disruptive audio into any Zoom call.  The people on the other end will hear natural disruptions that you pick from the Zoom Escaper panel.

Best Audio Disruptions to Escape a Zoom Call

  • Add annoying echo
  • Barking dog
  • Wind blowing
  • Construction noise
  • Crying Baby

Created by artist and educator Sam Lavigne, we need more creative souls like this talented guy to make life more fun.  To make Zoom Escaper work, you will need a plug-in audio app called VB-Cable to self sabotage your Zoom calls with audio disruptions.



  1. Start at the Zoom Escaper website
  2. Download the VB-Cable app. Installing the free app called VB-Cable gives you the power to insert audio streams into applications like Zoom. It currently works with MacOS, Windows and Linux. While apps are much safer when downloaded from the app store where they are screened for security, this app is available directly from the publisher here free. Download at your own risk. It acts like a virtual audio cable, hence the name VB-Cable.
  3. Click the button “Enable Microphone” on the Zoom Escaper site after refreshing the page.
  4. In the dropdown Output menu select VB-Cable
  5. Launch Zoom and select Audio from the Settings menu. Set Microphone to VB-Cable.
  6. Go back to Zoom Escaper site, Press Start button and pick from the various audio effects to add to your Zoom call on demand.
  7. To turn off press Stop on Zoom Escaper. Switch the microphone setting in Zoom back to your computer’s microphone or whatever was previously selected.

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