10 best power strips and surge protectors to keep you at 100%

10 best power strips and surge protectors to keep you at 100%

Make sure your device is getting the best possible charge

by Jenna Roach and Kurt Knutsson

Between our cell phones, laptops, and tablets, we use a lot of power to keep them fully charged. However, all our devices sometimes need charging at once, and some of us only have so many outlets in our homes. These power strips and wall chargers are here to save the day. These are our top 10 picks.

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10. One Beat Power Strip


The One Beat power strip comes with 3 outlets and 4 USB ports, including a USB-C port for fast charging. Its thick and braided power cord extends up to 5 feet in length, making it super durable and easy to charge devices from far away. It does not come with surge protection, making it easier to travel with. The very popular power strip received over 21,700 ratings on Amazon, with 85% of consumers giving it a 5-star rating. One Beat also provides a 12-month free-worry guarantee. It offers 24-hour customer service should you ever have an issue with the product.



9. Anker Power Strip


The Anker Power Strip comes with 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports to power all your devices at once. Anker has world-renowned PowerIQ technology and is known to deliver high-speed optimized charges to devices. The compact hub is less than 2 1/2 cubic inches, so it’s super easy to pack for traveling. It also has a fire-retardant casing to protect you and your devices completely. Aside from the power cube and adhesive strip, you will receive a welcome guide, an 18-month worry-free warranty, and a lifetime $25,000 connected equipment warranty. And with over 50,000 ratings and 83% of people giving it 5 stars, it’s clear that this power strip is a solid choice.



8. Qinlianf 5 Outlet Extender


The Qinlianf 5 Outlet extender includes 4 USB ports, including 1 USB-C port. This outlet has nearly 27,000 ratings, and 80% are positive with 5 stars. No extension cord is needed with this unique design, just plug it right into your wall and start using it. The 5 AC outlet splitter comes on all 3 sides, so you can plug in your charging devices from any angle. It also comes with a protected screw in the middle to secure it into the wall and prevent it from falling out when you’re plugging and unplugging your devices. It has a 3-level complementary surge protector circuit as well. Qinlianf offers a 30-day return and 12-month replacement on all their products.



7. Addtam USB Wall Charger


The Addtam Wall Charger is a 9-in-1 function that you can plug directly into your wall. With a 5 AC outlet splitter on 3 sides and 4 USB chargers (including 1 USB-C), this fast and smart charger can detect charging devices and automatically deliver optimal charge and speed. It comes with 3 complementary surge protection circuits with a minimum energy absorbing capacity of 1800 Joules, which is much faster and more reliable than a traditional surge protection circuit. And it comes with protection against overloading, short-circuits, over-current, over-voltage, and overheating. This product has over 33,000 ratings, and 84% of people who purchased it give it 5 stars.



6. POWSAV Multi-Plug Outlet


The POWSAV Multi-Plug Outlet has a unique cube-shaped design, allowing it to be easily portable and only take up 1 wall socket. At the time of publishing, a total of 9.950 people from around the world rated this product, and 81% gave it 5 stars. With 3 side outlets and 3 USB ports, it allows you to charge up to 6 devices at a time, making it super convenient for phones, laptops, tablets, and even kitchen appliances. Because it’s designed with non-surge, you can take it with you on cruise ships that typically don’t allow surge-protected devices. And you get a 30-day return with a 12-month replacement.



5. Amazon Basics One Port USB Wall Charger




This 12-watt Amazon Basics One Port USB Charger is perfect if you only need to charge 1 device at a time. Nearly 30,000 consumers rated this product, and 80% gave it a 5-star rating. It’s compatible with all Apple and Samsung Products, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, and other USB outlet devices. It has an internal safety switch and automatic shutoff for protection in case the charger becomes overloaded. And not to mention, it’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around with you.



4. ALESTOR Power Strip


The Alestor Power Strip is a multi-purpose surge-protected strip with 12 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports. With a 6-foot heavy-duty power extension cord, you can conveniently charge your devices from virtually any outlet with overload protection to protect you against spikes or malfunctions. It has built-in smart technology and is compatible with all smart devices, including Kindle and most USB devices. The over-current protection switch prevents the strip from overheating during usage and has environmental protection and fire resistance. Customers are given a 30-day return and a 24-month worry-free guarantee. This product delivered fantastic ratings, with over 87% of the 24,433 consumers giving it 5 stars.



3. HANYCONY Power Strip


The HANYCONY Power Strip is a multi-sided power strip with 8 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports. It can power up to 12 devices simultaneously and has built-in Smart IC technology so the USB ports can detect and deliver the appropriate current that your devices need. Each outlet has 2 inches of space between them, so it’s great for bulkier plugs that won’t block each other. The surge protector can shield your devices from lightning, surges, and spikes, letting you know your devices are protected via the green light in the middle. It comes with a 5-foot power cord and a right-angle flat plug that can easily fit into tight spaces. And over 2,000 people rated this product, with 87% giving it 5 stars.



2. One Beat 6-Outlet Surge Protector


The One Beat 6-outlet Surge Protector has 6 AC outlets and 2 iSmart USB port power that can be used for cellphones, tablets, cameras, or any other USB-powered device. It has a built-in surge protector to guarantee the safety of the devices, as well as smart IC charging technology to maximize the speed at which your devices are charged. It has a mounting screw and stabilizing rod in the back, allowing the strip to fit in standard or decorator outlets, so you don’t have to worry about falling out. You also get a 90-day refund guarantee and a 12-month worry-free warranty. Over 8,800 people rated this product, and 82% gave it a 5-star rating.



1. JACKYLED Power Strip Tower


Our final pick is the JACKYLED Power Strip Tower. This has been rated by over 22,000 people on Amazon, and 82% of them give it 5 stars. This tower has a great design because each layer of plugs has its own power switch, so you can ensure that the ones you aren’t using are switched off. It was specifically designed in a vertical tower shape so that you can save space and not worry about it blocking other outlets.

It comes with 6 USB ports in the back and 6 AC outlets in the front, allowing up to 12 devices to be charged simultaneously with a maximum of 1,625 Watt support. And if the voltage gets overwhelming, it has surge protection and will automatically cut off to protect devices. And it also comes with a 6-foot-long power cord and a durable handle on top for easy transportation.






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