I’ve got a special place in my heart for people who love cooking and entertaining.  I think people who cook are more generous souls in our lives.

My mom is one of those gracious gastronomical people. So was my dad. My mother-in-law Sue can cook for an army. It runs in my family’s blood.

Kurt and mom at kitchen table

Cooks I love. Steve Doocy, Momma Maggie Knutsson, Elisabeth Hasselbeck from 2015

They are the friends and family members who spend more time in the kitchen than most.  They can cook in the kind of way that brings them joy during the process.  And for most, these special cooks get even more joy when sharing their kitchen creations with others.

And for those who are lucky enough to be on the receiving end of their incredible creations, these food heroes will love any of these amazing 2021 gift ideas for cooks.

Food Huggers

Place cut side of veggies or fruit into a food hugger to extend the life of fruit and vegetables with these Farberware Food Huggers that fit perfectly on a whole bunch of produce like lemons, tomatoes, bell peppers.

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Instant Marinater

This is no ordinary 44 oz dishwasher safe container. Tomorrow’s Kitchen Instant Marinater comes with a pump that can speed up the marinating process of meat to just 20 minutes.

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Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

Raise your hand if you’ve ever overcooked scrambled eggs?  Yeah, me too.  The Automatic Pan Stirrer is here for any pan that requires continuous stirring. Turn it on, and set in the pan.

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iPrep Adjustable Stand for phone or tablet 

This is what smart chefs use in the kitchen to access their phone and tablet.  This secure way to prop up your device while cooking above the sloppy countertop even comes with a stylist so your don’t have to goop up your screen while navigating.

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Fridge Refrigerator Purifier from pureAir

Toss the baking soda, this hightech odor eliminator purifies the air inside your fridge.  The result of this super compact, easy to use pureAir device will extend the life of food and keep food from tasting like the fridge. Recharge every 3 weeks.

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Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill

I just watched Chef Gordon Ramsay butterfly a chicken breast and cook it on a grill top inside like this.  Gotham Steel makes this highly rated indoor electric countertop grill with dishwasher-safe surfaces and even cooking with almost no smoke at all.

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MEATER Plus Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

I have and love this smart thermometer that gives me the perfect temp on food regardless of whether using on outdoor grill, oven and smoker. Pair it up with your phone and the free MEATER app for effortless cook perfection.

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Japanese Tawashi Brushes for Cleaning set of 3 

Clean veggies, fruits and scrub pans and other caked on food residue once you get these.  Tawashi brushes have been the go to brushes in Japan for centuries and when you clean just one tough pan once, you’ll understand why with this set of 3 made of natural coconut fiber that does not scratch surfaces.

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Immersion Blender from KitchenAid

Put this cordless hand blender in your hand and blend away with four blades, a pan guard and variable speed.  The rechargeable lithium battery operated for about 20 minutes between charges.

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5-in-1 Mandoline and Spiralizer 

Take two things, make them one and make them better.  That’s what you get with this versatile 5-in-1 mandoline, bowl set, spiralizer, slicer, grater and fruit juicer.

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Dutch Oven from Michelangelo

Got some Le Creuset dreams on a budget? Wake up to the reality of this affordable, great quality dutch oven made by Michelangelo (the company, not the artist). This 4-quart or 5-quart enamel cast iron pot with lid comes in the classic red color for a fraction of the price of the original from France.

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Elite Gourmet Space Saving Air Fryer  

This compact space saving air fryer isn’t just a healthy way to make 1 quart or 1.5 pound of great food with air instead of frying, it also is beautiful on the countertop.  The mint color is shown from the four available choices.

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Breville Cafe Milk Frother 

The hot foamy milk that comes out of this Breville frother is smooth and silky.  Great for making cafe style cappuccino and hot chocolate.  Lift the jug off the induction heater to pour and toss the same jug in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

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Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Serious about coffee?  Outstanding engineering in a portable size let’s you brew espresso anywhere.    You are going to want this optional Nespresso adapter to go along with it.

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Electric Wine Opener

The stainless steel rechargeable electric wine bottle opener with foil cutter does it all.  In fact, it takes little effort to remove a cork in seconds.  The maker Secura says you can expect to open up to 30 bottles per charge, but our tests far exceeded that many bottles opened on a single charge.  This is a wine lovers best friend.

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Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker from Cuisinart 

No burning fingers trying to peel out stuck waffles from a flat griddle.  This Cuisinart rotating 1-inch deep waffle maker is easy to handle.  It browns evenly on both sides while the nonstick coating releases and cleans up easily. (Just heat up the maple syrup in the microwave or in warm water for the ultimate waffle.)

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Cuisinart ICE-70 Frozen Gelato maker

The fully automatic frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet and ice cream maker.  It makes up to 2 quarts and has a unique countdown timer and auto shutoff.  The brushed stainless steel exterior and heavy duty motor makes this a solid gift for cold sweets lovers.

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Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

Fresh herbs year-round with these energy efficient LED grow lights that grow in any weather indoors.  For green thumbs plant killers alike who want uncomplicated ease to grow with little effort.

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Stainless Steel 5-blade Herb Scissors

The German engineered scissors that are perfect for cutting herbs.  No more need to pull out a cutting board.  Just grab a fist full of fresh herbs and cut with these 5 blade scissors.  Toss them in the dishwasher to clean.

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Cordless Food Vacuum Sealer

This easy to use compact cordless food vacuum sealer works with FoodSaver zipper bags and storage containers.  It’ll seal up to 60 bags on a single charge.  Best part is that it does not take up valuable counter space.

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Olive-wood Handcrafted Salt Keeper 

Berard makes exceptional quality kitchen creations including this beautiful olive wood salt keeper.  Grab a box of flake salt to give with this such as my favorite Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

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