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6 Apps to Help you Handle Medical Emergencies

by Kurt Knutsson

From enterovirus, to ebola and now with flu season around the corner, tech can help you with medical emergencies. Watch my segment on Fox & Friends above and then learn more below about the apps I mentioned:

Medical Emergency ID new on iPhone
New IOS8 health trick:

  • Every new and old iPhone that’s been refreshed with the new free IOS8 software, there is a great Medical feature allowing you to create an Medical Emergency ID. Others create an emergency medical ID.
  • Just tap open the Health app
  • tap Medical ID on the bottom right
  • Create Medical ID
  • You have the option to show this information even when you phone is locked. Emergency professionals will tap Emergency, then Medical ID to view your medical information.
  • Add your name, birthdate, medical conditions, medical notes , allergies & reactions, medications. Add emergency contact. Add blood type, add organ donor, add

FluView app (free)

CDC official record of flu outbreaks. Color-coded maps, listen to podcast, watch videos on topics like protecting babies from the flu.

Flu Near You app

Free online program in partnership with American Public Health Association. App tells you where and how many flu cases are being reported near you. Enter your zip code to find free flu vaccinations.

Help, I Have the Flu app (facebook app)

When you click “Who Made Me Sick”, it scans your facebook posts from friends for words like “flu” “sneezing” “fever” “coughing” that could signal they’re sick with flu.

ZocDoc app

Coughing, fever, sore throat? Book doctor appointments on your smartphone. Enter you zip, health insurance carrier and a list of doctors with available times pops-up. Free on IOS and Android.

PocketPharmacist app

  • Tracks your medications.
  • If you are in need of such medications as generic cialis, you will need to check with your doctor first to see if you are able to get them.
  • Alerts you to medications that could have overlapping side effects and dangerous interactions which alone may be safe, but when taken together could be problematic.
  • Feature called “myDrugCosts” helps you make cost-informed decisions about prescription drugs
    created by clinical pharmacist


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