Turn Your Phone into Medical Advocate

Smartphone apps geared toward making you the best medical advocate are catching up to the hectic pace of an emergency room and they are helping parents make smarter decisions on the fly when it comes to healthcare for their kids.

KidsDoc: ($1.99)
-American Academy of Pediatrics put this out. It helps you analyze your child’s symptoms and decide the best treatment. So use this as a “doctor’s check” when you’re in the presence of a physician.
– When you find yourself in ER or even just at a doctor’s appointment it all happens so quickly. You may not have had time to come up with a series of questions for the doctor. So use an APP to guide you towards the questions you should be asking.
– You can even hand your phone to the physician and say “is this what you are talking about” – this way you tend to get better attention from the doctor b/c it’s easy for them to look at the info you have been looking at and clarity.
-You can also ask the doctor “how come this App is telling me this info but you are telling me something else?” – don’t be afraid to hold the doctor accountable and have them explain

Drugs.com Medication Guide (FREE)
– You type in/record all the meds you or your kids take. Once you are prescribed another med, this app will alert you to any possible complications that may arise when you introduce a new medicine including potential side affects or negative interactions.
– It also tells you what the medicine is supposed to look like – color, size. You’d be surprised at how many times the pharmacy mixes up and sends you the wrong pills so this can help you check the meds before you take them

Symple – Symptom Tracker ($1.99)
-For when your doctor asks your history. This app allows you to keep track of your past symptoms so you can let your doctor know “this is what I have been experiencing and when/ how I was experiencing these symptoms.” This may help a doctor diagnose you.

Visual Anatomy Lite (FREE)
– Overall 3D virtual tour of the body so when you are in the presence of your doctor he/she can point to it and show you what’s going on inside your body.

Pocket First Aid and CPR ($1.99)
– It has directions on how to give CPR, what to do if you get a snake bite, how to handle a diabetic emergency, etc.
– For those who think it will take too long for you to look at your phone app to learn what to do my answer is it’s better than not knowing anything

Sleep Talk Recorder (FREE ON ANDROID, .99 ON IPHONE)
– If you are ever wondering what you might be saying out loud in your sleep or how your snores sound, this will record you
– In the morning you can listen to what it heard.
– Why this helps you medically: This could help alert you to your snoring or sleep apnea which could be a medical problem. You can also play it for your doctor
– It is the most downloaded medical app on Itunes

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