4 Tips for Upgrading Your Summer Travel

4 Tips for Upgrading Your Summer Travel

by Kurt Knutsson

4 Tips for Upgrading Your Summer Travel

Technology is one of the reasons we need a vacation more than ever.  And in this instance its also the very thing that can help you feel more unplugged and in-charge of a well-deserved giant exhale.

4 Tips for Upgrading Your Summer Travel and Pocket Pharmacist app


I learned early on that it is a lot easier to be able to grab that last-minute travel bag when everyone traveling has all they necessities safely packed inside.  That especially means putting a smart RX bag together.  I get tiny ziplock bags and reprint photos of the medication labels for each drug.  Then take only the amount we will need.  This is a huge space saver and with the red metal clip that I affix to a carry-on bag, I won’t easily lose it.

You can record your prescription medication in a great app PocketPharmacist (iOS, Android).

4 Tips for Upgrading Your Summer Travel and Apple TV


A ziplock with an Apple TV, the wires and remote can be a lifesaver to boredom on the road.  Most hotels today have flat tvs with HDMI ports allowing for easy hookup.  When not watching Netflix, I use the apple tv screensaver to show vacation photos.


You can travel with this latest compact Roku Streaming Stick+ and add it to any room at home for streaming 500,000+ movies and tv shows in brilliant picture quality and super powerful with 4 times the wireless range. It comes with Roku’s new voice remote control with added buttons for tv power, volume and easy way to watch in breathtaking 4K, HDR and HD streaming.  Roku Streaming Stick+ from Amazon



It is so well made, that Google bought SnapSeed photo app.  Great for managing your photos and even better at giving you easy editing tools to salvage even the worse shot.  Once $5, its now free (iOS, Android).



These are low-tech bags that let you pack 2 to 3 times as much into a suitcase.  My favorite are Eagle Creek since they are the highest quality and longest lasting of any I have tried.  And I’ve tried a lot of them.  I can fit about a week of clothes stacked into as flat block.  Slide into the large bag and then sit on it before you seal it.  I also put my home pillow in one and make it wafer thin for travel.


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