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Apple iPhone X: Why It’s the Best Phone Yet

by Kurt Knutsson

The most profound overhaul the iPhone comes as Apple celebrates 10 years of revolutionizing the mobile phone market and getting us all to shift our attention to the little screen that can now do more than ever.

It is 10 years ago, I began hearing about the first iPhone. No one really understood what was about to happen. Not even the folks inside Apple. Cut to just a few weeks ago, I found myself hanging out with Apple exec Greg “Joz” Joswiak who’s baby is the iPhone. He flew down on a private jet to hand deliver the first iPhone to me to test and reveal live on tv when we first met back in 2007. There’s something special about the moment we shared. I knew it would be big. Joz did too. Though neither of us could have predicted the scope of how it would change the world.

It was a huge gamble and shift in the way cellular phones would be presented to consumers. The one guy with the vision, Steve Jobs, knew it was worth the risk. And it simple and profoundly changed our lives – everywhere and in every way. So how do you top that?

Meet the new iPhone X


iPhone X is the winner.

Edge-to-Edge OLED Screen

From 4.7 inch display to a new 5.8 inch edge-to-edge OLED display with the highest resolution on an iPhone ever with a million to one contrast ratio. This screen makes the iPhone X perfect for watching films and tv shows and for playing games on. If you enjoy gaming on your iPhone, then you might want to get the iPhone X coupled with the Provenance emulator app (https://kubadownload.com/news/provenance-emulator/), as this is the easiest way to play your favorite games from popular consoles on your iPhone.

Poof. The Home Button goes Buh Bye.

Gone is the home button. Just tap the screen to wake it up. Instead of the home button, you now just swipe from the bottom and you are home. And yes, the standard audio jack is still no where in the latest design.

Facial Recognition

Face ID recognizes you to unlock the iPhone. 3D infrared facial recognition replaces TouchID and the need to remember unlock codes and passwords. It also cannot be fooled by a 2D photo of yourself, so Apple Pay will be activated with your face too. (Still waiting to see how this works when I’m wearing sunglasses..but apparently it does.) 1 in 1,000,000 chance another person could unlock your phone.. like an evil twin.

Animated Emojis

Emojis evolve to Animojis. Animated emojis by just looking into the phone within Messages. These are both entertaining and allow for more personal expressions with the upgraded version of an animated emoji that can match the emotion from your facial expression.

Dual Lens Camera for Augmented Reality

The upgraded cameras make this possible. Best camera of any phone yet. Dual lens cameras with 3D sensors open the door into a massive push toward augmented reality for Apple. True depth camera system on front facing cameras.


The iPhone X is fast. Very fast. The new A11 Bionic neural engine processor is faster than the iPhone 7 and performs the breakthrough function of bio-metric reading and augmented reality in real time.

Wireless Charging, Longer Battery Life

2 more hours than iPhone 7. Battery super long life and buh bye to the lightning charge cable. Apple is going wireless with charging on the standardized Qi charging technology that many Androids use already.

Price $999+

With a price tag starting at a grand for the iPhone X, it’s not cheap. It costs as much as a good laptop, and maybe that’s because it can do even more than any laptop. It’s pointed out that several carriers have 2 year plans that subsidize new phones along with other creative financing to help avoid a one time big ticket hit to your wallet. Alternatively, you could choose to unlock the phone and go with a carrier of your choice – more information about that is readily available online, but this means no financing options. Pre-order Oct 27, On Sale November 3.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Largely just an upgraded version of the iPhone 7/7+ with a faster A11 processor and other enhancements.

Glass on both front and back is most durable ever. Silver, Space Grey, and new Gold finishes. Water and dust resistant.

25% louder speakers than iPhone 7. New A11 Bionic processor is most powerful chip in a smartphone making it 25% faster than iPhone 7.

Retina HD display in each model. 12MP camera for better color saturation and lower noise. Greater detail to photos, depth and better in low light.

Frankly, the Apple X is far superior to the Apple 8 or 8 Plus. My choice is to go big this time and target the iPhone X next.



The big news is the optional LTE chip that unshackles the Watch from the iPhone with its own cell connection. Better Heart Rate tracking in the Watch OS. If you are a proud owner of an Apple watch, you may find buying accessories for it may be a little pricey. This is why checking out a customer review for mobilemob.com.au for certain products may prove to be beneficial, as this will help you make a decison as to whether buying these accessories online is worth it.

Medical Monitor

Apple Watch is turning into a medical alert. It will now notify you if you have a sudden increased heart rate when you are not active. AFib is the irregular rhythm of the heart. Apple Heart Study will use data from Watch along with Stanford University medicine. Later in 2017, the feature will alert you when it detects a troubling irregular heart rhythm. Because of the new technology the iPhone has brought to the table, it is being used for more advanced purposes. Due to this, data is more critical than ever before, so having an iphone data recovery service is beneficial in case the worst should happen.

Streaming 40M Songs

Streaming music to AirPod earphones now. Siri now talks on the Watch. It will share the same number as your phone. The Apple Watch 3 with cellular $399. Sept 15th orders, on sale Sept 22.


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Stephen Lauterbach September 13, 2017 - 6:06 am

Saw your appearance on Fox & Friends. You are incorrect about iPhone X having highest resolution ever in a smartphone. At 458 PPI it fall well short of others such as LG’s upcoming V30 which also uses the latest P- OLED displays but at a much better 538 PPI also using “millions” of colors. Get facts correct!

John Watson, SR. September 13, 2017 - 6:08 am

Just saw you on FOX! You have a very informative website! I’m looking forward to spending some time soon to investigate its content. You present a very fun and positive spirit on TV!

Boulder Bolder September 13, 2017 - 12:18 pm

Sometimes my husband will use my phone or I will use his. If it only unlocks based on facial recognition, that’s gone. That’s a huge negative to me, along with this ridiculous price tag. This is not my laptop. This is a phone. You’ve defined what makes it “best” based on their criteria, not on what all consumers want. You like toys, and this is a big expensive one. iPhone8 for me.


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