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Coming to a DMV Near You – a Driver’s License on Your Smartphone?

by Kurt Knutsson

Digital License coming to DMV

Coming to a DMV near you – a driver’s license on your smartphone. Yes, tt is happening according to the State of Iowa which is likely to innovate the marriage of your standard issue driver’s license with your phone, but what are the Pros and Cons?

Iowa is aiming to create the nations first ever smartphone driver’s license. With the app, the virtual license would co-exist with the traditional plastic card. The app is currently in development for IOS and Android phones and is expected to be free. Currently, 20 states are in discussions to create smartphone licenses.


  • Convenient – can leave home without wallet
  • License app for both Android and Apple IOS expected to be free
  • The new app is expected to come free to charge
  • Developer has history in making driver license technology and was first to introduce photos to licenses in 1958


  • Security concerns
  • Unanswered privacy & security concerns – would dmv app also be able to determine your location and track your whereabouts
  • Potential fakes / counterfeit fakes? How do you keep a terrorist from making fraudulent licenses?
  • Possibly incriminating – what if police officer while checking your license sees an incriminating text message pop up on screen?
  • Would the app know when you are speeding and alert police or automatically issue you a ticket!?

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