How to quickly reject a call with a text message

Did you know, instead of silencing or declining a call, you can quickly respond back with a text using a pre-created message?

Here’s what you need to do:


    • Click on “Settings”
    • Tap “Phone”

  • At the bottom of the screen, click “Respond with Text“.

    • Change these messages to say anything you would like.

When you get a call:

When the phone rings, tap  “message” and then tap the message in the menu that opens up and your recipient will be sent a text with this message.



      • To Enable:
        • Tap on the Phone app
        • Click “Call Settings” and then “All Calls” and then “Auto-Reject”.  Turn auto-reject on.
      • To Customize Messages:
        • Click “Phone” and then “Settings” and then “Call Settings”
        • Then tap “Call rejection
        • Then click “Rejection messages

      •  On the following screen, you can add, edit or delete your own messages to the list of messages the phone comes with by default.

When you get a call:

When the phone rings, slide the “reject call with message” row at the bottom of the screen.  You will then see a list of responses that you set up.  Tap on the message you would like to respond to and your phone will send that text to the caller.



      • Tap on the Phone app


      • Tap on 

      • Select Settings

      • Tap on Quick decline messages

      • Click “Write new message” and construct your message

      • After writing your message, tap the “+” to add to your list.  You can also remove this message by tapping the “-“

When you get a call:

      • When the phone rings, swipe from the bottom up on yoru screen to view yoru Quick Decline messages.
      • Click the message you would like to send.
      • The caller then will see the message appear within their text message app

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