Biggest difference between Apple’s 3 new phones.

All are new. iPhone 8 and 8+ are available for pre-order now and on sale as of Sept 22. iPhone X available for pre-order on Oct 27 at 12:01 and begin shipping Nov 3.

iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone X all share these features:
Faster A11 Bionic processor
Dual lens 12MP camera
4K Video recording
50% tougher glass
Wireless charging (but charging pad not included)

Both have the glass backs which allow better wireless charging. The only issue with this is that they are more likely to crack if the phone is dropped. They have made the glass tougher but people still may find themselves looking for a Cheap iphone back glass replacement after a few months of wear and tear.

What iPhone X has that iPhone 8 & 8+ don’t:

5.8″ inch edge to edge OLED display
FaceID and no home button

Buying Options

Two paths: Either Apple or Wireless Carrier

From Apple: 0% interest monthly payments spread over 24 months with AppleCare included. If you like to upgrade the latest and greatest, this plan is right for you. Apple let’s you switch it out at 12 months to the latest model and begin new terms. You are also not committed to any wireless network and can switch between carriers at any time.

From Wireless Carriers: Similar financing but more promotional opportunities to lower price for certain customers. If you’re not sure which carrier to go with, check out this Public Mobile review. People who bundle or have more than one phone on a single service are likely to save the most. Once payments are done, you own your iPhone and can use its value to trade up later. For example, AT&T posted a Buy One Get One free offer but it comes with a lot of caveats. In my personal world, they happen to line up into the right choice since two people on the same account want a new iPhone. This also only works since I have a DirecTV account too. (No offer had been posted for iPhone X up until the moment of this post)

Buying Tips

Monthly phone cost does not include wireless plan charges.
Some are very restrictive and difficult to change leaving you paying for your phone even after you upgrade to a new one.
Offers are very dynamic and fluid. Carriers tend to offer better deals after release dates.
Avoid leasing. You generally spend more and have less flexibility and don’t own phone at end of term. Go ahead and add up all the required payments to determine how much you are really paying for the new iPhone.

Apple Watch 3 now on sale. This is an add-on to your wireless plan and currently $10/mo more instead of adding a new wireless account.
Check the fine print. Not all plans are for everyone.

And having seen every iPhone evolution and update, the iPhone X is the phone I am planning to get. I’ll be up ready to trigger an online purchase on the late night around midnight in the west and 3 in the morning in the east to snag before supply is expected to push any further deliveries into 2018.

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