Why I Pick the Apple iPhone Xs Max

It’s big. It’s fast. It’s beautiful.  Apple’s newest smartphone, the iPhone Xs Max is the most expensive yet.  Even with a cost out pricing a MacBook laptop, it is the one I ordered in Gold.

Apple has three new iPhones.

iPhone Xr is the lower priced new aluminum design with a 6.1″ LCD display, single camera, edge to edge screen like the iPhone X with no home button, A12 bionic processor, FaceID. Available from October 26 in multiple colors: white, black, yellow, blue, coral, (product) red.

This is a great way to get the latest iPhone technology at a lower price point.  The only major differences from the higher end iPhone Xs are superficial: The display quality, the single camera and no 512GB storage option.  iPhone Xr 64GB $749 |  128GB $799  |  256GB $899

iPhone Xs is the upgraded X.  The 5.8″ OLED display is the strongest glass yet on an iPhone with extraordinary resolution.

iPhone Xs Max is the biggie.  It’s edge to edge 6.5″ OLED display is the largest iPhone to date.

Best new features of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max

–  Both high-end iPhone Xs and Xs Max are powered by the fastest of any smartphone A12 bionic processor making them up to 50% faster, and more energy efficient.
–  Both have Dual Cameras include a 12 megapixel wide angle lens, and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens with Smart HDR.  That’s the photography technology takes multiple exposures of same photo and blends them together to make a better single picture. After you’ve taken a photo, there is a new edit feature that lets you slide to change the depth of field.
–  Battery life on iPhone Xs is 30 min longer that X, and iPhone Xs Max powers an hour and half longer than the X.
–  Xs also has a Dual Sim cards slot so you can have two phone numbers or one intl and an USA number.
–  3 Colors:  Silver, Space Grey and new Gold stainless steel

Retail Pricetags

iPhone Xs 5.8″          128GB  $999  |  256GB $1149  |  512GB $1349
iPhone Xs Max 6.5″  128GB $1099 |  256GB $1249  |  512GB $1449
avail Sept 21

Why I Picked the iPhone Xs Max

The dual camera technology did it for me along with the new more powerful A12 Bionic chip which is only on the Xs series.  It offers better video shooting at varied light levels which I do a lot of.

I went for the larger Xs Max since I am using it a lot more to show apps and content while on live tv.  The bigger screen makes it easier for our studio tv cams to get at it.

While the more expensive 512GB storage option is nice, I went with 256GB since I currently am only using under 200GB on my current phone.  I picked Gold color from its unusually attractive appearance unlike the former rose gold color that was instead another way of saying pink.

The new option at checkout with AppleCare with Theft & Loss protection will lower my stress level when I think I’ve left my iPhone behind and may have lost it forever.  The last time it slipped out of my pocket was in a NYC taxi.  The cab driver called after seeing my Find My iPhone message and returned the phone to me in person.  God bless solid New Yorkers.

It helped that I was on my last broken iPhone X screen AppleCare benefit, and now with a new phone I get two more broken screens at a reduced replacement cost.  I refuse to use a case after a discussion years ago I had with Steve Jobs.  He convinced me that iPhone was meant to be caseless. I wish my clumsy hands and concrete floors knew that too.

Why You May Like the iPhone Xr Better

If the dual camera technology wasn’t as big on my list, the 6.1″ iPhone Xr is downright beautiful and just as powerful as the Xs.  In fact, the 6 colors available on the iPhone Xr are more appealing to me.

It may not have the best display compared to the more costly Xs or Xs Max, you need to know it is still very high resolution and has edge to edge screen format just like the X, Xs and Xs Max.

The iPhone Xr starting price is a full $250 less than the Xs without compromising any big points of performance.

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